Saab News Sweden: Update on the current situation

Again and again I get mails for development in Sweden. Our team is also in permanent contact with Trollhättan during the tour. The very intensive negotiations in Stockholm have been going on for days and there is a lot of emphasis on the smallest details.

I see it as a good sign and think that we will soon see the conclusion. As soon as there is a result, it will be published here. So we should still be very relaxed because the signals we receive are positive.

Patience! A word, which hopefully will not happen often on the blog in the future. But still we have to be patient.


2 thoughts on "Saab News Sweden: Update on the current situation"

  • Sale to youngman / PangDa should be through, hopefully it is now up and you
    can not only watch but also own the new cars.
    They are looking forward to the 2.11. but more

  • Thanks Tom ... see you on Saturday

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