Saab! The Future is now!

Today is a holiday for us. The good news reached us on the autobahn on the way to Leipzig and we got the first “standing ovations” at the Saab Center in Leipzig. The Saab future is assured. Today and the Saab dealer tour from Saab Germany mark the departure into the future.

The request for termination of the reorganization has been withdrawn. We, the Saab Tour Team and Saab Country Manager Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher have not doubted the good result for a second.

We look forward to our new owners from the Middle Kingdom and send a warm "Welcome" from Germany.

A happy blogger thanks the whole Saab community for the support of the last months!

The Saab Press Release:

Trollhattan, Sweden: Swedish Automobile NV (Swan) announces that it has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Pang Da and Youngman for the sale and purchase of 100% of the shares of Saab Automobile AB (Saab Automobile) and Saab Great Britain Ltd. (Saab GB) for a consideration of EUR 100 million.

Swan, Pang Da and Youngman, Swan's shareholders and certain other parties. The consideration of EUR 100 million will be paid in instalments. An important consideration for Swan to enter into the transaction is the commitment of Pang Da and Youngman to provide long term funding to Saab Automobile.

The administrator in Saab Automobile's voluntary reorganization, Mr. Guy Lofalk, has withdrawn his application to exit reorganization. The MOU is valid until November 15 this year, provided Saab Automobile stays in reorganization.

41 thoughts on "Saab! The Future is now!"

  • Dear SAAB friends!

    As the owner of a "already heavily spotted by GM" SAAB 900 S Talladega with a harmless 274.000 KM on the speedometer, I am very happy for YOU and the SAAB employees around the world if that should work out with the "copier-loving" people from the Far East. Perhaps this will give our dear trolls from Trollhättan a new inspiration for economy, better styling and traditional forms (new 9-5s for example !!!). A "compact class" SAAB with plenty of space and an alternative drive would certainly point the way. In any case, for weeks I have been admiring the ability of my Swedish bomber to tolerate E10 without problems, which was artificially suppressed by oil companies up until then, and actually consume less with this fuel (amazing ...)


    Greetings from Neunkirchen and Ahrweiler


  • Usually, I am one of those people who try to keep their hearts in check with their heads. Of course nobody knows what the future will bring. But didn't the Volvo people experience that too when Geely took over ?! We all know the result, the current presence of Volvo in the media, in the markets and - on the streets.
    I bought my Saab 900 new in 1997, still at Saab-Roedig in Koblenz. The Roedigs have unfortunately stopped. This year in May I didn't hesitate for a second to take the opportunity to get a 9-3 / Hirsch 2008 from Essen. I've known what I want since 1997. I just can't imagine any other car. Marc Cohn should easily rewrite his "Silver Thunderbird Song". I'm so happy to be part of it. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers. Or as the Kölsche says: Et is like et is, et kütt like et kütt, et would still have jot jejange.

    Greetings from Koblenz

  • First of all THANKS to Tom for his tireless work here in the blog !!

    I was looking forward to animal life with SAAB !!

    Although first drive my 2.SAAB, but the Swede has done to me!

    With the best will in the world, I don't want to paint black today ... but I don't really trust the whole thing ...

    Just hope that the Chinese don't just “steal” the “KNOW-HOW” from SAAB just to make their profit ... .., that worries me 🙁

    Teach me a better PLEASE

    But now it's time to mope!

    SAAB 4 EVER !!

    PROST and let it crack !! PROST TOM !!

    For a safe future for our brand !!

    Greetings from Switzerland…, Thomas

  • So a thought after a glass of wine:

    Where would SAAB be today if VM and many SAAB employees had not been so positive?
    Does not this unbelievable loyalty increase the real value of this company and also shows the new owner that the phenomenon SAAB only works in Trollhättan?

  • A stone falls from my heart, too. I am totally happy with the result and I am convinced that production in Trollhättan will start soon. Now it's time to sell cars, sell cars ... etc ... and that's where I still see problems, at least at the beginning. Many have lost confidence in Saab and that now has to be won back as soon as possible. It's not going to be a walk in the park, but I think our brand will make it. It is unbelievable that Saab is still alive, companies in other industries would probably already be bankrupt.
    I wish SAAB, all employees and us Saab fans all over the world all the best.

    Greetings from Switzerland and the beautiful Baselbiet
    Thomas F.

  • To marcus,

    yes, the VM-Saab-Stori is effectively special and dramatic. But despite all the hick-hack SAAB has now received a new opportunity. For his great commitment to the Phoenix launch, he is grateful for a certain recognition.

    Well, the Chinese will certainly find a capable CEO for this Herculean task according to their “taste”.

    Let's hope that SAAB will soon see better times than before.
    Above all, I wish that to the employees and the loyal dealer and not least to the loyal Saab drivers.

    Good luck


  • So it seems to be confirmed what I commented a few days ago. The Chinese take over Saab, but without Muller. It's understandable that they want to get to Saab as cheaply as possible. But the reconstruction of the brand trust of Otto normal consumers, and without which you can not sell enough cars, cost a nice bar money. Incidentally, contracts on paper and memoranda of understanding are not that important to the Chinese. Much more important is the mutual trust, never lose face and then come the papers. And not the other way around. Even if this is not understood from a Western American point of view, where not even a brochure can be printed without a host of lawyers.

    Well then "no hao" Saab! And skål!

  • We and many Saabfahrer with us are happy in BERLIN! Thanks to Tom !!!

  • Yeah !!! Light at the end of the tunnel…!!! 🙂

  • quite as positive I can not see it for the sake of the best:

    First of all, the Chinese have behaved more than schofel in the apron, less pang-da, but youngman. They did not stick to the agreements and now exploited the emergency situation.
    Although this may be "normal" today, which is not excusable for me, it is not for me.
    vm was saab for the last few months and we finally owe everything to him that there is still aaab and that he has also gekämoft like a berserker, of course he had also made mistakes. The Chinese have booted out exactly this man. shabby, I can only find that.
    We don't know whether this deal will go through all committees - whether it won't be the fa afterwards. saab, for which I feel a lot of sympathy, I don't know.

    • Hello Marcus,

      I too want to say: Victor Muller Thank you!

      Without him, Saab would not have existed and what will become of Saab as a China cracker, well, I can't really be happy - I didn't even want a Porsche Made by Valmet ...

      European traditions and roots sold to the politically controlled sovereign wealth funds and determiners behind Youngman and Pang-da. I don't know if that's a great spirit ...

      But look forward to it anyway

  • Hello Tom

    But what is going on with the shares? 30% up 35% down ?????

  • Also, I am happy about this positive news!
    I have been reading the blog for a few days and am enthusiastic about the timely and detailed reporting ... Thanks to the blogger and also to the new Saab boss Schumacher, seems to be the right man at the right time;)

    I will definitely take a look at the new products, the photos made me curious!

  • After the events of the last few days, I really didn't expect this turning point! - But a lot of patience will still be necessary. For myself, I only believe in the serious survival of the SAAB brand when the production lines in Trollhättan really start again. - And even then the really big question of marketing remains, at least in Germany, because without a comprehensive dealer network, it simply cannot work to make halfway lucrative quantities.

  • SAAB is the cat with the 7 life! A holiday for me and many other fans and one can only hope that SAAB knows what you have at us regular customers. The cohesion is unique and there rub some so many other car brands the eyes. Now it must start quickly with the production around the turn to get!

  • Suuuuper!

    And you Tom should be knighted

  • Ey Mac9-5, had already written that it will take place in Bremen Horn-Lehe and at 17 p.m. The dealership, mainly Volvo, wants to call customers, so nothing public, no website, I think it's pretty weak ... but wait and see, everything will be fine.
    Today is a positive thought, SAAB soon build beautiful cars again, the nerve thriller is finally over
    I'm glad. Greetings from Bremerhaven

    • Hey Frank.
      Thanks again for the exact information - very nice!

      Unfortunately, I'm not (yet?) A customer there, as I tend to come from the "southern" area, so our Saabs always came from somewhere else before (Ni, Ver, H).
      But since I no longer have a “personal” dealer, I would orientate myself towards Bremen (also in the future with a dealer / workshop).
      And strong interest in a new car would be quite there.

      So it's a shame that it should only be for "invited" guests. 🙁
      I would even bring 3 more people with also strong interest (especially on the SUV).

      Well, in the mail to "the dealer" I left my address and phone number.
      Let's see if I can get another answer!

  • It is at least a little happy day .... :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    ... even if it could only be one MoU in the short time. The detailed contracts take a little longer. The Chinese 100% solution was probably the only remaining realistic opportunity for Saab. Many parties still have to agree, of course. But now it should really be possible to put Saab on a solid foundation.

    Incidentally, the Chinese are tough negotiators, but when everything is done, at least my experience is one can rely on them. I am sure that Pang Da and Young Man will do everything they can to get Saab up and running!

    Thanks also to Victor Muller, who certainly had a hard time leaving Saab. Although he has not always acted happily, he has done much to save Saab.

    I hope now that we can enjoy the first warm sun rays in our new Cabriolet at the end of February!

  • Well that's finally great news. I'm curious when there will be a book about this economic thriller
    What happens to the SWAN shares? Does anyone know?

    But even more important is that we can soon see new SAAB automobiles in the showrooms that are running in Trollhättan the tapes again and the people there continue to work, the 9-5 station wagon and the 9-4X finally on the Market, new, innovative and revolutionary cars are being developed and, and that's the most important thing the company can stand on its own!

    It is difficult to imagine what the employees had to do in recent months. Hats off!

    Griffin Up!

  • Perhaps I have internalized patience too much, but as long as it says “memorandum of understanding” and there are no reactions from other sides (NDRC, GM, EIB), I remain in patience mode. Too much has happened for that. But I think I will see the cars on the dealer tour with different eyes when I stand in front of them.

  • Instead of champagne maybe just a glass of Prosecco. But a new beginning seems to be made. The bubbly should be opened only after final contract signing. All too often the supernumeraries have followed the negative info.
    Nevertheless, today is a nice day for all fans of this extraordinary brand and I am glad that there is a realistic prospect for a good future.

  • Phew, a huge stone falls from my heart! I'll send “best wishes to Sweden” 🙂

    Celebrate beautiful.

  • Call me a pessimist, but I'm not entirely happy. The business practices of Pang Da and Youngman Lotus were rather dubious - pledge money, hold off, and in the end buy the whole company for a fraction of the promised sum (instead of the originally planned ~ 50%). Reliable partnership is different ...

    Nevertheless - the financial future of SAAB should be secured for the time being. We don't need to worry about the brand name - it belongs to the SAAB Group (also defense and aerospace division). And if PD / YL do the same to Geely, then SAAB should look better again in the near future.

    • I know what you mean, initially I was only partially satisfied with the (almost) completed deal with the Middle Kingdom. But let's wait and see! We can't do more - and until then we can enjoy the car.

      • "Until then we can enjoy the car" - that reminds me of something. When I say that I drive a SAAB, many answer: "SAAB is broke!"

        As if the production stop had to mean that my car would then vanish into thin air ... interesting idea ...

  • Happy (Re) -Birthday SAAB!

    Thanks Tom for the dedicated coverage and have fun on the tour.
    I'm sure it will continue, the vehicles are just too convincing!

  • What a fantastic news on Friday morning.
    I'm going crazy.
    Let's pop the corks.

  • We have to thank you! 🙂
    Great news, in time for the weekend!

  • A great message to end the week! Hopefully, the remaining points are just formalities and the workers in Trollhättan can FINALLY start the tapes again. As soon as possible! And this drama is coming to a happy end.

    My hope and concern is that the Chinese understand better than GM, which makes SAAB so special. SAAB without Trollhättan would be the death of both.

    I choose positive thinking

  • Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper, the champagne is bought and is drunk !!!!


  • …. Subject to a definitive share purchase agreement….
    ... which will contain certain conditions including the approval of the relevant authorities ...
    ... will be paid in instalments ...

    Also I am SAAB driver and fan. Also I would be happy, if it would continue. Only please wait with the champagne! We have read the same sentences too often. There was also a memorandum of understanding with Koenigsegg back then. And on the home straight, nothing came of it.
    Please note that a MoU does not mean anything.


    • Please do not overlook the fact that a so-called negotiation marathon really took place here - longer and more intensely than back then with the tiny Koenigsegg company.

      The huge corporations Youngman-Lotus and Pang Da can not be compared to a tiny one like Koenigsegg.
      In addition, the Chinese in particular are very careful to ensure that specified goals are achieved - one speaks of “saving face”.

      The concerns you raised would be more appropriate with other business partners. Beware of many American companies - they are often tricked!

      Many greetings from Schleswig-Holstein and please throw the really inappropriate concerns overboard - really enjoy the weekend as a SAAB enthusiast!


  • Yesterday the presentation of new vehicles, today this good news. You can not go to the weekend in a better way. Now it's about selling, developing, selling and having fun on the great vehicles.

  • Am looking like crazy!
    Have a great day today !!!

    Greetings to Team 1 and 2

  • Well, the dealers who are allowed to present the cars today, will not forget this day so fast and celebrate as a special!
    Let it crash today !!!!

    Although I somehow have a slight discomfort with the takeover by the Chinese (I would have preferred Europeans, Americans, etc. somehow), I am really happy that the future is (hopefully) secured and that we can / can continue to drive great "Swedish" Saabs !!!

    Tom, you always report here in detail from committed dealers. I think it's great!!!
    I emailed the dealer I would like to go to about 1 week ago via his contact form.
    Unfortunately, I have not received an answer to this day (neither by email, nor by post, nor by phone) - a shame, it can be that different. 🙁

    I asked for information and a short answer, because a total of 3 different starting times were published here in the blog and on the Saab site and I wanted to know whether the event is "open" to everyone or only with registration. Unfortunately, not a single information about the event has been published on their website or Facebook page. 🙁

  • Also from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg the best wishes for the global future of SAAB automobiles.

    An extra thank-you goes of course to VM from the Netherlands!

    The only downer will probably be the future so-called model policy at SAAB - here, larger sedans and SUVs from 9-4 and up are expected to dominate


  • Excellent! Since VM has yet erpokert a good result. Hopefully this time the MOU will end up in contracts that will secure SAAB's future, so we need some patience by 15.November. On the other hand, for reasons of credibility, those involved can not afford to break the deal again.

    You should think about extending the tour in Germany, and also to activate the unfortunately broken dealer with your action!

    SAAB up!


  • And it came as it had to come…

    Now we have to wait again for the NDRC and GM as well as for a hopefully strong and Swedish management.

    But first we let the Turbo glow for the party!

  • The day can not start any finer! !!!
    Last it crash today!

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