Saab future: the next step comes today ...

On Friday came the redeeming news of the Saab takeover by Pang Da and Lotus Youngman. Both investors see Saab as a long-term investment and stand by the Swedish origin of our brand.

The entry of a strong industrial partner and the largest car dealer in China is the better alternative than the entry of a hedge fund from the US. Suddenly Saab has access to the largest distribution network in the country and more. Because the 100% acquisition will bring Saab one thing above all else: rest.

Rest, which our brand desperately needs to get out of the headlines, to sharpen the brand profile and to develop new products. Because the headlines we have mastered in the last few months way too often and with the wrong topics. If something should make headlines, then our products.

With the takeover, Saab is firmly established and the future investments are secured. Saab will launch a model offensive that is unique in its history over the next few years and launch new series on the market. The press in Sweden today writes of 7.5 billion crowns in 24 months that will flow into the factory and the development. Anyone who hastily unscrewed their Saab dealer shield in the last week will probably have decided wrongly.

In the future there will be less business news on the blog, but more car stories and Saab events. One thing I can live with.

Today, Saab Automobile takes the next step with the creditors' meeting. The new business plan is presented to the suppliers and the creditors' approval is considered safe. Some have already signaled benevolence yesterday in the Swedish press. If the meeting goes as expected, then the negotiations begin to restart production.

These are exciting times for our brand, which is now on the right track. In Germany, for example, the response to the dealer tour is so positive that other Saab national companies will adopt the concept of the German Saab branch.

It's small steps and Saab has many more to do. The future began for our car brand from Sweden on Friday. We can be happy, because there will soon be a lot of exciting and new things coming from Trollhättan - and I don't mean a commercial thriller.


5 thoughts on "Saab future: the next step comes today ..."

  • For all the Saab euphoria I would like to give the following to consider.
    The sale of Saab to the Chinese is not yet in dry cloths.
    It must be approved by the competent authorities in China and in Sweden.
    But GM has yet to agree to the Saab deal with the Chinese.
    If you know the Americans, it remains unclear whether they will do that, because then again
    high-class European and Western automotive technology comes into Chinese hands.
    One must not forget that GM is still one of the main suppliers for Saab.
    In addition: The Chinese already own Volvo.
    Victor Müller himself has mixed feelings about the upcoming sale of Saab to Pang Da
    and Youngman says Helmut Hetzel Benelux correspondent from The Hague.
    Müller says that the production in the Swedish Saab plant in Trollhättan "beginning 2012" again
    can start.
    For him, for Saab but also for GM as well as the Chinese and Swedish authorities urges the
    Because the Chinese takeover offer for the Swedish car manufacturer is only up to the 15.
    November valid.
    It should also be mentioned that the Dutch Saab investor Victor Müller suffered heavy losses
    He played poker high and lost.

  • GM will agree. Because our friends from the US earn money on Saab. Do not worry !

  • Hopefully GM will agree too. I think this is the only believer who thinks longer than the others. Will Hirsch-Performace continue to exist? He can open several (dozen) branches in China ...

  • CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers) probably insists that SAAB first pay its debts amounting to 150 million to suppliers before it can start thinking about starting production.

  • Man oh man, I was already very bad, drive since 30 Saab. am curious!

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