Saab dealer tour 2011: Dates at 31. October

The dealer tour and our new Saab 9-5 sportswear and Saab 9-4x continue to move south. Unfortunately I can only be in Bamberg today. My penultimate date, on Saturday I am again in Mainz on the way. The tour has developed an unexpected dynamic for Saab and for me is the turning point of our brand history in Germany.

Because Saab is active, attacks, shows the flag and the dealer tour is just a small taste of 2012, which in Germany will be an exciting Saab year to our taste. In Würzburg our cars have been in the showroom since yesterday and throughout the day the event will be well attended, because IWM is one of the very strong Saab partners.

Saab advertising has been running on the radio in Bamberg for a few days now, and here too we have a strong Saab community. I look forward to the event this afternoon.

Our appointments:

Monday, 31.10.2011

10: 00 Clock  IWM, Würzburg

14: 00 Clock  Dechent, Heidelberg

15: 00 Clock  Muckelbauer, Bamberg


7 thoughts on "Saab dealer tour 2011: Dates at 31. October"

  • Hi Guys!

    Thank you for the great evening at the SAAB center Muckelbauer!
    Food and food were great.
    Also a big compliment to Mr. Schumacher of SAAB Germany and Tom from the blog.
    I was very happy to meet you personally.
    My next car with the new 9-5 SC, a really great car with plenty of space and comfort.

    All the best for the future, see you.

    Griffin up !!!

    Best regards,

  • blank

    I found it very pleasant too. Many thanks also from me to everyone, especially to the Muckelbauer family for the familiar atmosphere. The event was well attended for my taste, you don't really need to bother with the usual bag and gadget hunters in your precious time.

  • blank

    Full approval - that inspires confidence in the future. Many thanks also to the Muckelbauer family; nicely aligned!

  • blank

    It was very nice in Bamberg today. Great Tom, to have met you and also Mr. Schumacher from Saab Germany. Too bad that so few people were there. But maybe on Mondays 15: 00 watch was not quite as good for working people.

  • blank

    Is there anyone else in Bamberg besides me today?

  • blank

    Hi Tom,
    Where is the report from Leipzig?
    It was great to be there and hear from the mouth of Jan-Philipp Schumacher in person that SAAB is saved. Also, getting to know you made me very happy!
    Long live SAAB!

    • blank

      Hello Wolfgang,

      I was very happy to meet you and to be in Leipzig. The report is coming tomorrow because I'm traveling to Saab again today. Many Greetings.


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