Saab dealer tour 2011: Saab center Dortmund

With my visit reports, I meanwhile run hopelessly after the events of the dealer tour. The ambitious Zeil to report live did not stand up. Much better than expected, the tour went for Saab, many more fans and Saab drivers came and my mail contacts were daily more. Under these circumstances, I am only too happy to admit that I can not meet my schedule.

Saab center Dortmund
Saab center Dortmund

On Friday, the team was traveling with Henrik Claesson and Mike Helfer in Dortmund. Again, 40 to 50 visitors would be present and our new Saab models were greeted enthusiastically. The talks with customers and interested parties, Henrik told me, were consistently positive. Understandable, because on Friday we were finally able to bring all fans not only new Saabs, but also good news from Sweden.

Saab center Dortmund
Saab center Dortmund

As everywhere on the tour, so in Dortmund. The new Saab 9-4x is the star that will bring new shoppers to Saab. The sports suit is also very good and he will undoubtedly beat the 9-4x in volume. But our surprise is the 9-4x.

Thanks to the Saab center in Dortmund, also on behalf of Saab, which has taken the Saab team well.


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  • After three Volvo's I realized on Friday in Dortmund that the time has come for a Saab after eight years. The 9-4x will replace my current SUV!

  • I believe that with the 9-4x as a new customer winner.

    From my circle of friends are interested in such as a Cayenne and a X5 Faher.
    And both of them couldn't start anything with Saab beforehand (and smiled at me rather pityingly with the “old” 9-5 SC).

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