Rear view mirror: Green light for Trollhättan

Yesterday an important hurdle was taken in the form of the creditors' meeting. The reconstruction continues and the Saab business plan has been accepted. Saab is moving towards the future. Even critical publications in Sweden find it hard to find the famous hair in the soup.

Saab Automobile business plan
Saab Automobile business plan

The plan to sell 30.000 new Saab in China next year is viewed as very optimistic. In the following year 50.000. Those are the points of criticism. One should take into account that the authorities in China are increasingly considering “purely Chinese brands” for their fleet orders. That was one of the reasons why Volvo was on the shopping list and also one of the reasons why Saab is so interesting for Youngman and Pang Da.

The approval of GM is now considered safe even in analyst circles. Because the NDRC signals for some time approval and the signals are getting stronger. Would GM get involved with the NDRC, especially since you have four factories in China? No, is the opinion of the stock market professionals.

Today the first indication of the NDRC's goodwill came from an official mouth. Minister of Industry Miao Wei told Reuters that he "in principle" supports the purchase of Saab by Lotus Youngman and Pang Da. After many hidden signals, the first statement.

Again and again, Saab drivers ask me how Victor Muller continues. Victor Muller will accompany Saab for a transitional period, if only to maintain continuity. I think Muller deserves all our respect. Although the last few months and some of his decisions were not always in line with our brand, he saved Saab at the time. He should have a place in our automotive heart forever.

The second question that is asked again and again is the price performance of the SWAN share. I am not a stock market guru. Everyone who asked me last Thursday in Dresden, I said to them: “Sell”. If you listened to it, you could make a small profit in the intermediate high.

The stock itself, will probably mutate to Pennystock and stay in the basement. SWAN may hit a black zero on the sale and with the loss of Saab, the substance is limited to only Spyker.

Question Number Three is how to acquire Saab Automobile shares in the future. Saab is sold to 100% to new owners. Lotus Youngman is listed as a major industrial shareholder is not listed.

This is good for Saab, because from the date of sale, the automaker is no longer publicized and thus disappears largely from the business news. The company gets the peace it takes to become fit for the future. There are no shares, however.

But soon new cars from Trollhättan.


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  • Does anyone know if it is planned to offer the 9-4x with LPG ex factory? Would be a good alternative, because there is no diesel. Then save at least a little coal in the consumption.

  • the 9-4x is really great and offers a lot of space. However, to offer a car with 12-13l consumption in the mix today ... I don't know ... Would be a real NoGo for me ...

  • very unclear information
    when will the believers there like to agree ?!
    that sounds so much like spring 2012 ..

  • Read !

    “Another question is the start of production.

    Martin Larsson: 8-10 weeks after the settlement with the creditors. ”

  • When will production begin?

  • Ahhh ... I still hate to find that really good!

    Not because in some eyes he is not a “real Saab”.
    But because I am of the opinion that almost nobody in Germany needs SUVs (apart from a few foresters, farmers, etc.) and that they are therefore rather completely useless and particularly “environmentally incompatible”.
    And in traffic I always get angry about the SUVs in front of me, because you can't look through them at the traffic, but only have this old tailgate in front of your eyes. 😉

    But the 9-4x is really great in pictures - I'm curious to see how it looks "real".

    And the “environmental friendliness” is not the convincing argument either, because then you wouldn't need a Saab, BMW, Audi, etc, a coupe, convertible or the like…. 😉

  • Yes absolutely. I'm already in close contact with my piggy bank…. 🙂

  • Uiii ... new header ... then the 9-4x seems to have inspired you !?

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