Saab News: Saab 9-3 successor 2013 / 14

Yes, the hatchback for the successor to the current Saab 9-3 is confirmed. Again and again this question came during our dealer tour and a combination cup is right at the top of our wish list. Once again, our Swedish brand would have done well as a unique product in this segment.

Next Generation? Saab 9-3 successor 2013 / 14
Next Generation? Saab 9-3 successor 2013 / 14

A picture, or rather a drawing of the new combo bucket, appeared on a Saab business plan, which was handed over to the Swedish National Debt Administration in January.

The Svenska Dagbladet had access to the documents and has, not coincidentally, published the picture. The new Saab Kombicoupe has an 150 millimeter shorter wheelbase than the current Saab 9-3 and should have an outside length of 4.4 meters. It will be released at the end of the year 2013 or beginning of the year 2014. In the meantime, we still have the cool Griffin models to bridge the wait.

Before now one asks me if the picture represents the reality. Sometimes it is good not to have such an intimate insight into Saab affairs. I do not know the successor and therefore can not make a statement about it.

So it may be speculated and dreamed.

6 thoughts on "Saab News: Saab 9-3 successor 2013 / 14"

  • I like the approach, but for me those round sidelines and proportions are not yet SAAB-typical. But who knows how far the design will be optimized?

  • Hatchback would be a real SAAB again, let us be surprised. If you want him in Natura
    he will look even better, could see it live in Munich today
    in 9 5 sportswear and especially in the 9 4 notice, in real terms see the new SAAB s
    even better.

  • Yes, please build the same way. Away from the notchback all have!

  • Wow! Hot flyer !!!

  • Not bad. The original will look even better in Natura. Yes, I also want a steep, rumgezogene windshield, if we are already wishing.

  • What I loved so much about the 900 - and always miss it a little with the newer models - is the very steep windscreen and the very low rear.

    That a steep Forntscheibe is no longer very optimal today, is already clear, but I always found that something special and distinctive and also very chic.

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