Saab dealer tour 2011: Dates at 4. November

Tomorrow the Saab center in Mainz, then another appointment in Bremen. That was it with our Saab dealer tour in Germany. A strong signal for our brand and definitely a huge success. Today you can see the Saab 9-4x and the new Saab 9-5 sportswear in the following locations:

Friday, 04.11.2011

10: 00 Clock Home, Tübingen

10: 00 Clock  Schmitz, Emmerich

14: 00 Clock Roth, Leinfelden


4 thoughts on "Saab dealer tour 2011: Dates at 4. November"

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    Hey Mark, why fulminant? Have you been invited by phone? Unfortunately I do not 🙁 And there's no advertising for it. The live probably more Volvo

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    I intend to be with Roth at 14.
    Anyone else?

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    Hey Tom;

    "... then another appointment in Bremen ..."

    This is the brilliant highlight of the Tour 2011 !!!

    LG Mark

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