Saab News: GM - Problems With Approval?

The week was actually too good for Saab. The dealer's tour was a great success, the creditors committee used, as had to come a negative message. Since the world, as we have learned in recent months, is small and round, it has made the Wall Street Journal message very quickly into the Swedish media.

Before our flag goes to half mast - there is no reason for that. GM is finding it difficult to give approval, because the Saab 9-5 on the Chinese market endangers its own products. In addition, other companies from China such as Pang Da and Lotus Youngman come to GM Wissen, which GM partner SAIC already has.

However, General Motors still sits on a huge mountain of non-voting Saab preference shares. I think that's the real reason. You want to get rid of this mountain. We remember Antonov, who bought the GM approval with the promise to take over the shares. Without having to ask my glass ball: No approval without taking over the preference shares, so it will be.

Now GM is playing poker and we should sit back and wait and see what happens. Because if you play poker too high, you can, it can be stupid, even lose. The same is true of our friends from Detroit.


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  • Hi all,

    With so much Eitel joy sunshine of the last week.
    Did the workers and employees actually get their wages for October? Or have the Chinese just made promises again?

    • So negative? If it had not been so, the press would have already pounced on it.

      Greetings from Switzerland


  • GM and SAIC is not an “exclusive event” either, because SAIC also builds together
    Volkswagen automobiles (Shanghai Volkswagen), has the Rover licenses, etc. it is only possible again
    for the money and after GM has not been covered in fame SAAB until now with fame
    to prove “American strength” again, the managers in Detroit cannot and do not want to
    realize that you are no longer the navel of the automotive world.

  • blank

    Other large corporations support such sales much better - for example Ford.

    When Volvo was sold, but also before Jaguar, this was done with a sure instinct and foresight. Only GM doesn't really get anything baked here - do they have so little self-confidence when it comes to their own products? It is astonishing that in the end the competition of a comparatively tiny manufacturer is avoided.

    GM is here a kind of sad but also antisocial picture (but was even held with billions of syringes on the water)!


    • blank

      Little joke from 2009 - it was on Conan O'Brien's Tonight Show.

      “GM is now removing the 'GM Mark of Excellence' seal of approval from their cars out of humility in front of customers. - Actually unnecessary, because it falls off by itself after 50 miles. "

      In this sense, a great weekend

  • blank


    Man, does that never stop?
    On such news I'm really tired really no more .... ;-(

    Well, let's “hope” that GM really just wants to turn out some money.

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