Saab News: Saab and the Swedish royal house

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden rides through Stockholm in the Saab 9-5. We especially like you for that. Your father's uncle, Prince Bertil drove innumerable Saabs, even in sports. Only Carl Gustav, the current king, seems a little more inclined to German brands, which is a pity.

Crown Princess Victoria gets into the Saab 9-5
Crown Princess Victoria gets into the Saab 9-5

Now, the Swedish monarch publicly praises Victor Muller for his commitment to Saab and is impressed by the (still) Saab CEO.

He said literally “… I cannot understand how a person can have so much energy to find new solutions. I think that's impressive. ” Thank you Majesty for the words that are almost a knighthood for Victor Muller.

The king is also positive about the new owners in China and sees good opportunities. "We hope it works," he said.

For Victor Muller, the words Balm should be on his mind, as he has had a critical majority in the recent past.


7 thoughts on "Saab News: Saab and the Swedish royal house"

  • I also think that everyone is welcome to drive what they want.
    Of course, it's even nicer when cars are taken from their own country. And if it is still one of the most beautiful cars in the world, Trollhättan, then it is all the more beautiful
    But even in the royal family of Madrid, not everyone drives a SEAT. In October on vacation in Spain I was able to discover a Saab 9-3 with joy in front of the Royal Palace ...

  • Well, let's let the Swedish king have his driving fun!
    He, too, is only human ... with gasoline in his blood 🙂

    Is not enough regimented already?
    Live and let live…..


    • SAAB is a great brand - but for a Ferrari I would also leave the SAAB there. But if so, then better in red, or at least in yellow ... Blue and Ferrari, they don't go together somewhere.

  • Does not the Swedish king drive off with a blue Ferrari through Germany (this summer)?

    I think you do not do that.
    As a representative of a country, you should only and exclusively drive cars from your own country, provided that you have your own car industry.

    Of course, the German politicians are doing quite well there.
    But also eg Sweden, Italians and French should find something suitable in their own AI.

    Countries with no own car industry have of course the free choice, but in my opinion should also take into account possible production sites.

  • A SAAB for Princess Mary has also been available in Denmark for years - as far as I know it is a royal blue 9-3 convertible there.

    In a biography about Princess Viktoria that was shown on television, you could see that she was picked up from school as a student in a SAAB 9000 - she should therefore be well known to the SAAB brand.


  • Oh I could be with the Prinzession, I do not necessarily mean it because of her, but then I finally got my 9-5 :-) It Grüessli from the beautiful Switzerland

    • Then take me with you: You the Saab, I the princess ... ;-)

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