Saab dealer tour 2011: Saab Zentrum Mainz

The Saab Center in Mainz is also a fixture for the Saab community and a traditional Saab partner. So far, I had no personal contact, but had always heard only good. Nevertheless, I was amazed when I found a personal invitation from CEO Hans-Joachim Wiener in my mailbox on Friday.

Saab center Mainz
Saab center Mainz

Of course I enjoyed traveling to Mainz, because I suspected that it would be a great Saab event. So it was, in the 4 hours the Saab riders kept coming to the Saab center and I'm sure we had a lot more than the expected 70 fans.

The new Saab 9-5 sports car in Saab Zentrum Mainz
The new Saab 9-5 sports car in Saab Zentrum Mainz

In the course of our dealer tour more and more drivers of "foreign brands" came to the Saab car dealerships. So also in Mainz. Drivers of Ingolstadt brands, or friends of the other Bavarian brand and supporters of a British luxury brand were spotted.

Many readers of were there and I'm afraid that I did not have the time for every fan. I'm sorry, but the next Saab Tour is coming.

Best autumn weather, Saab Zentrum Mainz and Saab 9-5
Best autumn weather, Saab Zentrum Mainz and Saab 9-5

I had a very good conversation with the managing director of the Saab Center Hans-Joachim Wiener and the men Scholl Senior and Junior and admire the unrestrained commitment of the entire team for our Swedish brand.

The Saab 9-4x and the Saab 9-5 sports car also scored in Mainz. I'm sure Saab Zentrum Mainz will be able to report a number of sales to Frankfurt in the future. Because the close, family ties of the Saab community in the area around Mainz to the dealership is obvious.

Also this penultimate point of our dealer tour was a success. For the brand, the fans and for the very sympathetic team of the Saab Center.


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  • 7. November 2011 at 1: 21 PM

    The Saab center in Mainz was my first meeting with a Saab dealer, that was the end of 1998, the conversation with the seller lasted 5 min, and I bought my 9-3 at Saab Zentrum Wiesbaden. I had the impression that the seller did not take me seriously.

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