Saab News: The Saab day in retrospect

Anyone reading the American press at the weekend was amazed at the positive comments on the Saab future. In principle, the media in the US, the prospects for Saab never looked better. Even if the future is still not secured to 100%.

If we were the annoying GM topic that does not let some readers and other blogs go. In principle, a journalist from the Detroit News wrote, it makes no sense for GM not to approve the deal. On the one hand, General Motors is making good on the Swedes over the next few years, and the hope remains that Saab will remain an OEM customer in the long term. On the other hand, the car maker from Detroit devalued with each refusal his preference shares, of which he has many themselves. Would that make economic sense? Certainly not.

And then there would be the enormous damage to the image of GM and the European subsidiaries if Saab is to be disposed of for the second time.

So why the poker of GM? Sure, you want to finally hit the stock market on Saab shares and make up some millions. Presumably one wants to spare partners SAIC in China and does not allow that the Saab 9-5 of Youngman bands runs. This will give you respite, you will not be able to prevent the next Saab generation.

In the Swedish press, the Saab 9-4x production stop in Mexico is circulating as negative news of the day. The news, I suspect, will soon hit the German headlines. Before conspiracy theorists get started: the news is last winter's snow! With the start of the reconstruction phase or at the end of the model year 2011, vehicle construction was also over for the first time in Mexico. At the weekend GM found that production could start again very quickly, faster than in Sweden.

Nothing from Sweden and the rest of the world that is new. There is poker behind the scenes and haggling over details. I think it will go on like this for a while. On 11.11/15.11 is the SWAN shareholders' meeting. This is our next appointment. Whether the sale of Saab on November XNUMXth. is finally carried out ... I'm unsure. We may experience a delay because the schedule is very ambitious.

Has it caught up with us, the G…. Word. Like this ! So we have patience.


4 thoughts on "Saab News: The Saab day in retrospect"

  • Slowly you would have to prescribe the Amis psychotropic drugs, everywhere and constantly mischief from the US hand.

    Emely realized that maybe a techno-go-around by “Saab Alone” is not that difficult and impossible. We don't know what the engineers have already prepared.

    In any case, my personal campaign of revenge, I will never set foot in OPel (never before) and yesterday I said in a rage to a friend that before he didn't sell his damn… Adam von O., I won't say another word

  • where there is not a disadvantage, an advantage is perhaps not that far away …… true Saab Saabs from the pen of Jason Castriota without GM influences, licenses and technology ……. I wouldn’t think so bad …… as a complete restart of the brand ………… The Chinese should have enough money…

  • Is not it primarily a Buick model marketed by GM in China and similar to the 9-5?

    The fear of competition is likely to be the main problem of the GM people, who are not particularly noticeable for their great self-confidence. On the other hand, it is now becoming clear to the public that there is no trust in GM's own products - the shot has backfired!

    Ford did not have these worries during the sales of Jaguar and Volvo - Ford seems to be much more socially and responsibly positioned and the quality of its own vehicles is presumably seen with conviction as good and therefore competitive.

    GM's fear of a niche manufacturer like SAAB could even have real reasons ... All that remains is to wish that the GM executive floor regains some sovereignty as soon as possible and of course a sense of responsibility towards the former subsidiary SAAB. Please take an example from the Ford group !!


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