Saab sales: GM says “No”

GM refuses to use the technology licenses for the new owners as part of the Saab sale. The decision is definite, as GM announced. Saab sold to Pang Da and Youngman, then Saab 9 5, Saab 9 4x and Saab 9 3 can not be further developed. At the same time, however, GM is open to all further component shipments.

OK That was not to be expected and throws us back to “Start”. Whatever it may or may not mean for Saab, it is enough for today. There is likely to be a back door to this poker again - or not. The decision is understandable - not even in view of the high license fees. This decision is only known to losers. I turn off the Mac and wait for a statement from Saab. Until tomorrow.


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    Addendum: it does not make much sense to want to supply components for cars that may not be built for licensing reasons. On the other hand, you could make money with licenses.
    If one is stubborn because of GM at least the sales in Europe will decline. Potential buyers of a GM component containing
    Saab (8th place in the current ADAC customer satisfaction survey - ahead of BMW, Toyota, Audi or Mercedes) will hardly buy an Opel (28th place) or Chevrolet (35th place = last!).

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    Hello community ...

    GM's behavior is really the last thing for me ... as many have already written, they are all about money and power. (I think) The Chinese get the technologies from somewhere else ... (20 years ago we were afraid of Japan and is anyone still talking about it? They became partners and it didn't hurt!)
    The Americans are just afraid that they will slide further back and will soon become a sell-out country ... and the Middle Kingdom will allied with Europe and many Europeans can learn something from the Chinese economy, because it doesn't go badly! 🙂
    Hope this behavior is registered in China and GM will get a clap in years!
    Everything will now take place on the political level ... what a shame about our beautiful cars and the time until P.

    So then ... on into a new round ... VM good luck ... 🙂

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    why should GM be afraid that your technology will go to China? + it is already in China, Shanghai GM is a joint venture with SAIC, which means Saic also has access to GM technology, just like SAIC has access to Volkswagen technology has through that
    joint venture with VW, and this joint venture has existed for many years without that
    GM had a problem, GM is all about power and money and certainly not about Saab and
    their employees

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    On the one hand, I can understand GM if they want to prevent their technology from going to China. On the other hand, over the past 20 years, GM has been wiping out Saab bit by bit, trying to get out of the way of a competitor. They have done that now.
    GM was saved even by billions of help from the state. Maybe now is the time to show a little bit of social responsibility and to give a small competitor and 3500 Saab employees and thousands of employees of suppliers a chance. But social responsibility and the endless greed for money are not mutually exclusive. In general, the former certainly can not be expected from American companies. That it works differently Ford has shown with Volvo.
    For the image of GM, this attitude is probably not the best. But no later than half a year after the bankruptcy no one talks about it, and GM will report record sales. And the world for GM is alright again.

    But as the saying goes: Hope dies last ...


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      Achim wrote: "But how do you say it: Hope dies last ..."

      “Hope is just a lack of information” - Heiner Müller 🙂

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        Hope is the task of reason. (unknown)

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    Is just America.
    But the sell-off Europe has long started not only in the car segment.
    But to wait until it is ALMOST in the sack and then to say NO, I think ......
    I think Opel was no different. Only hope remains.
    Have a nice day.

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    And you did not foresee everything? In every normal shop, there is a risk check before a business initiation. Was one really so naive to believe GM would readily give his approval to the sale?

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    Now if you do not agree and there should be no new Saabs I will never, never, never buy a car from the GM Group

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    Now you will certainly shake your head, but I as an entrepreneur from the audio industry find that completely ok and to be honest, that's a good thing.
    Of course I'd like it if our brand survives, but before Saab Fan I'm a European entrepreneur. And I do not like the sale of European technology for small change to the Chinese.
    So VM I wish you and us much success!

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      I agree. The best would be a European solution. The success of SAAB came from Europe, not from the USA. But Europe's auto industry is characterized by overcapacity. Which European should still put in a niche product (sorry) unpredictable sums?

      I see the future of our brand in a black light: no cars on the market, no spare parts, no positive news ==> no customers, no customers => no investor

      I'm afraid the Chinese were the last (unloved) opportunity.

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    Unfortunately and fair way you have to grant GM the right to protect their technology from the Chinese - it's just that in our SAABs a lot of technology from GM drinsteckt - although we never actually wanted as a customer.

    The question will probably also be whether the Chinese without this technology would even be able to produce a reasonably acceptable SAAB - I do not really think so for the time being. Who would want to buy such a proper China SAAB? And of course, the Chinese are well on technology know-how - they want to be competitive as soon as possible.

    Although technical know-how would be available at SAAB, a completely new model would have to be pounded out of the ground in a very short time - including a completely new supply chain. Actually impossible. And what happens to the cars that are on the road? Does GM still need to supply spare parts even though there is no licensing? Probably not.

    Here only a lengthy compromise (transitional arrangement) will be feasible and the Chinese do not love that - they want to get ahead and we are honest, they do not put millions on the table for nothing. The sugar was clearly the technology transfer through the back door, which is now denied by GM.

    For SAAB as a brand and for us and our cars, everything is not good - that's the point.

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      I can not agree with that: The technology in SAAB automobiles has proven to be one
      Mostly designed in Trollhättan - the entire design. For this reason, VM's advice should be taken seriously that the SAAB engineers now have to quickly return to the drawing boards.

      To design excellent SAAB automobiles already succeeded before the dreary GM phase (under GM SAAB was then known only exploited).

      What was missing was ultimately not the technical innovations and good engineers, but almost always the financial means to implement all of this.

      The Chinese would have “traded in lemons” if they had not increased their commitment now. The attack on GM in the Chinese market would probably still be successful - only with a little delay!

      The qualitatively rather borderline GM products are unlikely to get along well in the long term!

      If everything goes wrong, there are other alternatives for us SAAB owners - of course, definitely not a product from GM!


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    Maybe the GM managers have been thinking too and came to the conclusion that the Chinese just want Saab for their licenses. Let's see what the Chinese are saying now.

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    That's exactly what I was afraid of. Now the nerve-racking roller coaster ride is back in a new round.
    VM warned about it and is now back in the game.

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    What kind of anti-social elements are they - they only see themselves and what is particularly bad is that they have exploited the SAAB company and continuously run it down in the previous 20 years.

    Hopefully there are possibilities that GM will not fully achieve its goal with this tour - namely to completely destroy SAAB (however, we fear that even with other investors the licenses will not be released so that SAAB can no longer take off).

    Good advice is really expensive here ...


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    Blow up the whole GM store ...

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    Extremely stupid and short-sighted. Irresponsible and GM kills SAAB again!


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    ... that was probably to be feared, if not to be hoped for.

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    GM is, as usual, an irresponsible company that only sees itself in the center of the world ... Just a big mess ...

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