Saab situation in Sweden: Saab continues under creditor protection

Today I was on the road with Saab, because at Saab Germany they work hard on the future of the Swedish car manufacturer and on the restart for the German market. In Sweden, on the other hand, the Swedish theater is still on and not much has changed.

Saab 9-5 sports in Frankfurt, Osthafen
Saab 9-5 sports in Frankfurt, Osthafen

At least if you look closely. The situation is not very clear and there is sometimes wild, blind actionism - but without a concrete result. The Swedish government offers to help, but without knowing how.

Others are strangely relaxed. Even my Swedish sources are still quite relaxed and see, as yesterday, a possible solution to the situation. This basically differentiates the current situation from the last weeks. A solution to the problems is tangible, but nothing is yet in the towel.

The Swedish press, on the other hand, is at a loss as to what can be seen from the published articles. You look for and sense the sensation - or solution - and find nothing.

The Reuters report from Administrator Guy Lofalk was decisive for today. Saab remains under the protection of the court and Lofalk hopes to have more clarity on the situation by the end of the week. The reconstruction continues and on November 22.11nd. is one of the really important dates. Then the creditors' meeting would like to know how the liabilities are being serviced.

Actually, I was hoping these topics would be a thing of the past. Behind the scenes is fought with hard bandages and we experience once again a thriller of the first kind. Some suggestions for resolution are on the table and we have to wait and see if the parties agree.

We have no choice but to wait. So, again, patience.


7 thoughts on "Saab situation in Sweden: Saab continues under creditor protection"

  • The happy ending is very clear. The Dutch businessman, after tough and hard bargaining in Hollywood, gets so much coal out for the movie rights to get Saab back on his own, and he can even free Spyker from the American grasshoppers he sold to Spyker before.

  • Has anyone ever thought of selling the film rights to the entire SAAB story of the last two years?

    That would certainly finance a few wage payments again….

    • And then most of them think that a film was made about a fictional car brand, because hardly anyone knows it ... and those who know it so far knew / know halfway about the developments.

      Saab - take-off and free fall.

      Maybe Mr. Muller has already been to India and a Saabollywood cooperation will result? With lots of pink glasses ...

      • So, the number of those who know SAAB is much larger than the number of those who drive a SAAB. And most of them say they are positive about the brand ... unfortunately not everyone has the money lying around to buy one. But that's another matter.

        In the film, SAAB could well be converted into a fictional Danish (!) Car manufacturer. And the story really offers everything that could make such a film interesting: tough Swedish car manufacturers, dazzling Dutch businessmen, self-loving American managers, sinister Chinese ... and it can't be beat when it comes to drama. Only the happy ending is missing.

  • I think the picture is great.

  • very nice picture, the new SAAB in industrial romance!

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