Saab Dealer Tour 2011: Autohaus Winter Graz

The Saab world is a big community across all borders. Here in Germany the dealer tour was a success and also in Austria the Tour 2011 runs very well for our automaker. On Monday, the Saab team from Austria made a stop at Auto Winter in Graz.

Neftali Ciocolata with girlfriend, Saab 9-4x and Saab 9-5 sportswear
Neftali Ciocolata with girlfriend, Saab 9-4x and Saab 9-5 sportswear

Saab Fan Neftali Ciocolata was there with his girlfriend and sent us some pictures.

Neftali writes that he was happy when the unexpected, spontaneous message of a Saab dealer tour for Austria came. Already 20 minutes later he had scheduled Monday for a visit to his Saab dealer Winter in Graz.

His girlfriend and he liked the “Scandinavian sculptures”. No wonder, good taste and a soft spot for Scandinavian design is international. The new Saab, the 9-4x and the Saab 9-5 sports suit, were also very well received here in Germany.

Saab 9-5 sports in Graz
Saab 9-5 sports in Graz

Even a Saab from Slovenia came to Graz to admire the new Swedes. That's Saab Spirit, just great.

Thank you for the pictures and the short report. So it's fun to blog for the Saab community.


3 thoughts on "Saab Dealer Tour 2011: Autohaus Winter Graz"

  • So far, GM has mostly been noticed unpleasantly - even during the first period with SAAB, they did not smear themselves with fame! I mean the time from the 90s - GM only got the successor to the 9000 to some extent. The 900, Type II, was a big flop because almost only marginal Opel technology was used here! The 9-3 was better again, but couldn't iron out the bad image again so quickly.

    Overall, GM was and is a major disadvantage for SAAB - people simply don't get anything baked! Even their own large corporation was run down so far that the American taxpayer was asked to pay up so that the store could get going again.

    Hopefully they will soon be completely out of the SAAB - it can only get worse with them overall! Is there no way to shake off the GM guys here - they stick like ……. on the shoe.


  • So whether the sale would have worked is questionable if GM did not suddenly oppose the sale of Opel to Magna ………….

  • You two cut a good figure next to the 9-4X - I could well imagine this model as your daily means of transport.

    We here in Northern Germany had always imagined that it would be a good opportunity for the Austrian MAGNA Group to take over SAAB automobiles completely - they had already gained experience as a 9-3 convertible builder for a few years.

    Unfortunately MAGNA was missing the guts to access here. If such a venture had already dared to take over the company months ago, everything would now be in the famous dry cloths and we could all be much more relaxed again.

    But let's see who will ultimately be the great savior for SAAB ...

    Greetings to Austria from the foggy days since Schleswig-Holstein


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