Saab News: Photo of the Saab 9-3 successor 2014?

So very slowly, my desk clears and I'm just very carefully in the vicinity of the desk pad. So hope is rising. After three weeks with Saab on the road as a volunteer blogger office, I dive into real life again next week

Saab 9-3 successor to 2014?
Saab 9-3 successor to 2014?

There was a similar picture before, as the Saab 9-5 hatchback version. Hmm, I like it, very dynamic - kind of cool - Saabig and especially the rear is correct. I could well imagine.


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  • Hello.

    Yes, I think that the AB is somehow applauded (too many things are just not right ... doors, the whole side, roof section, front, overall too “round” and not very “dynamic”, not suitable for the current 9-5 and 9-4, etc).

    At the first draft, I found the angle of the fall of the stern to be somehow more pleasing in the AB draft, as it reminded me at first glance of the beautiful old 900'er.
    And the design was somehow less “coupéresk”.

    But I've looked again and found that both have even approximately the same angle (roughly 16 °).
    Hmmm, so you can be wrong. ;-(

    And the longer you look, the worse the AB draft gets. 🙁

    The other design is very chic.
    However, that really goes into something the direction coupe / A5 / etc.
    Well, but I finally have to be able to separate myself from the automatic 900 comparison ... 😉 😉

  • Should the publication of this image now encourage or distract us from the current events?

    The design is very close to how I could imagine the next 93. No comparison to the chubby car picture design.

  • Thank you! So I do not need to buy the car picture because of a picture.
    The Auto Bild version is inconsistent and less “saaby”. Significantly less dynamic drawn.

  • GM would probably only cede licenses to companies that do not yet have any major expansion plans in China - even with very high fees, a purely Chinese company would probably not get the award (I think this remains pure wishful thinking).

    Free rein and thus licenses would possibly only exist for buyers of SAAB who have European roots (possibly with a partial entry by Chinese, similar to the first plan) - because here GM should slowly run out of arguments for a refusal. In addition, if there were total denial of SAAB survival aid, the GM image would be even further in the basement than it already is!


  • Great design! If SAAB finally throws the tapes again (yes, optimistic one may still be something 😉) and bring out this car so the money moves more likely in the new 93, as in the 94x, since this now finally resembles the beloved beloved 93-1 seems to be.

  • Hello martinsab,

    I think it's a contemporary design because the bonnet, the headlights, and the shape of the grill and fog lights are close to the Phoenix. To convince the Yankees is certainly not easy and more of a question of the price. The car is still very Saabig, because he has, for example, a rising side line as the previous 9-3, and apparently a roof, which is reminiscent of the Aero X. A great design!

  • Convincing the Yankees is hardly possible - here in the north we almost believe that VM has to pull another rabbit out of its hat in the direction of buyers.

    With the intended purchase price of € 100 millions, perhaps also parties outside China could show real interest. You do not even know if GM would say yes even with a pro-rata entry of the Youngman people. They are probably really so afraid of SAAB that their negative attitude could come up again and again.

    Please trust BMW or other car manufacturers - SAAB has much more potential than ROVER back then!


  • Hallo,

    looks pretty good, but could also be an Audi or something.

  • According to various other sources, this is a pre-Castriota draft ...

  • Hallo,

    I just can approve that too! A dream, if that would even come as a coupe (three-door), please build exactly like that! Certainly some A5 drivers would be jealous! I have already framed the picture. I like the car drawing less and is also further away from the published black and white sketch.

    Now it is only the Yankees convince.
    : )

  • looks great - the proportions are definitely right (better than the Autobild version). I was also worried that the rear wheel arches would be “Mercedes-like” ... 😉 Thumbs up - build like this!

  • @@ dsc

    Thanks for the tip with the Autobild (which is there ever reported on new Saabs?!).
    I've just looked at me.

    I can also get used to the rear from the Autobild graphics (but the front still looks a bit like the “old” Saabs).
    Although, due to the sideline (doors & windows), I believe that the variant shown above would certainly come closer to “reality”.

    I quickly put the two pictures on top of each other for comparison (I was just bored): 😉

  • in today's car picture there was also a graphic. Looked quite similar to this one, only the rear was different, I like it better in this picture. There was also a picture of a new small car, looked very chic! The Autobild claims it would be called "Sonnet". But I think it will be 9-1 🙂

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