Saab News: Swedish Automobile Annual General Meeting is running

Update 17: 34

Today, Swedish Automobile (SWAN) holds the Extraordinary General Meeting. Currently, nothing comes from the course to the outside, so we have to wait. If shareholders vote in favor of the planned sale of Saab to Lotus Youngman and Pang Da, SWAN is going to sell at least its biggest debt.

From Sweden there are always positive signals from the new investors from China. Youngman lives up to its obligations, provides liquid funds and thus ensures a successful process of reconstruction. This is a very good sign and shows us the seriousness of the investment.

Also, the future planning at Saab is in full swing. Employees of Saab Automobile from Sweden are in China at Youngman on site to determine future processes and to strengthen the cooperation with further steps.

Currently, there is talk about an extension of the put option to Youngman and Pang Da, which will expire on 15.11. Due to the blockade attitude of GM, this appointment will probably go by unused, so you need a new date.

Behind the scenes, some things are very discreet about General Motors. For example, a "compromise paper" was presented in Detroit to make it easier for our US friends to agree and to build a bridge. Yes, and the Swedish government is also active and trying to make a difference at the political level.

Small steps are what we are doing right now. And we are going in the right direction.

Let's wait and see what happens next, news from the Netherlands will be back.


2 thoughts on "Saab News: Swedish Automobile Annual General Meeting is running"

  • yes, the best sentence in a long time (Julie quote)
    and this finding has weight and uncommon importance which most average car drivers attach no importance and are not even remotely aware of this category. I'm really fed up with the unseighed sheet metal, the 9-3, 9-4, 9-5, when they all roll, then it's not just the Audi drivers who will be watching, but also those from Munich and Stuttgart

  • What are our friends from GM trying to keep SAAB as small as possible? Do they even manage to pull off such a crooked tour here? Or maybe you have even seen yourself that a globally flourishing company SAAB could also pour money into your coffers….

    Actually, it always depends on the right (for all sides positive) negotiations - so that employees or entire branches of industry (suppliers in Sweden and Europe) do not have to deal with everything!

    To all a nice weekend

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