Saab Sweden: Week of decision?

Update 12: 09

In Stockholm, Detroit and Beijing, the fate of Saab decides. Much has to be clarified this week, with a new statement in Detroit. Interesting the fact that my good friend in Stockholm on Friday before the Swedish press and before the other blogs knew about it. For once I thank you publicly for the support of the last months, because I know, he reads along with.

How the decisions are made this week is not sure. Only what we know is certain. The support from the Chinese investors is standing by and funds are flowing continuously from China to Sweden to get Saab liquid and to continue the reconstruction. For me an important and good signal from the People's Republic.

Do I want to speculate today? Yes, I want it to be Monday and I feel like it.

At the weekend, the Swedish press considered whether Youngman and Pang Da Saab could buy without GM technology. Several publications expressed their opinion and the result amazed.

Yes, Youngman and Pang Da could do that. The Saab 9-3 is largely owned by Saab Automobile and there are very few GM licenses in it. Even those, it is said, are questionable - so that the Saab 9-3 could be regarded as a license-free product. The new Phoenix platform is 100% Saab property, i.e. 100% GM free 🙂.

It looks bad in the current Saab 9-5 and the new sports suit. The series is owned by 100% GM, without Detroit nothing works. Just like the Saab 9-4x, which runs on GM bands and is 100% Intellectual Property of Detroiters. Grrrr.

Soberly, it would be a math problem in this poker game. In about 18 months, the 9-3 successor would be ready for the series. Until then, the old 9-3 could continue to be built.

The Saab 9-3 and its successor is the bread and butter car of Saab. Here money is earned and quantities made. If the successor is running, one could focus on the development of the Saab 9-5 successor, the 9-6x, the 9-7 and the 9-4x successor based on the PhoeniX platform. These developments are already on the current agenda in Trollhättan. The new little Saab is already in work.

A story with many question marks. The relativize considering that GM for Saab 9-5 and Saab 9-4x neatly concede licensing funds. Suddenly the license purchase for Saab is not so lucrative and the position of GM is not as strong as expected.

Why am I writing this.

So we see that all actors are in a boat. Youngman and Pang Da could do without GM. Everything would be a bit more expensive, the bill would be a few million higher.

GM could do without Saab, but then in the medium term would have millions less in the cash.

It is poker, on a very high level, with a very high level of commitment. A blockade on the Americans would not be the end of Saab. But, in the end, somehow, everyone would have lost.


Another friend from Sweden writes on the subject following mail and I think he is right.

Hi Tom,

You hit the nail on the head again. GM also knows that SAAB is making volume with the 9-3 and is therefore still ready to supply engines and transmissions for the 9-3. This has been assured several times. The 9-5 is, as you write, not so interesting for SAAB in terms of quantities and not financially lucrative due to high royalties.

Why GM uses the 9-5 and the 9-4x as leverage makes little sense. GM does not want to kill Saab, we are firmly convinced of that. Because a cow that you could milk, you do not kill.

Thanks to Lars for the mail!


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  • It was time for the period of emotional self-affirmation of the Saab fans to come to an end during the German and Austrian dealer tour, giving way to a sober commercial assessment. This is thanks to Tom and the two commentators Detlef and Dieter.

    • But emotional self-affirmation is important, especially in times like these. Buying a car is emotion! For the dealers and the Saab fans, the tour was invaluable.

      What is decided in Sweden and elsewhere is not at our discretion and I hope that we have soon overcome the phase of economic philosophy.

  • blank

    In spite of all the euphoria I ask myself: Should Saab only continue to exist for the sake of the name? What about the quality that stood for the name Saab and was also crucial to my purchase?
    After 18.000 km, our 9-3, newly purchased in December of last year, is the first time in the workshop. The gears are difficult to switch, it creaks and rattles everywhere, the diesel runs extremely cold during the cold start.
    GM cannot be proud of that and it does not give Saab a good report if they continue to purchase components from GM, or even, as proposed, sell Subaru cars under the Saab brand. I don't know how Saab will continue to sell cars in Europe under these conditions. Especially since the reference “Made in China” now stands for junk and poison for many

    • blank

      Can Dieter just right. I always wanted a product with a certain spirit and delicacy. China can not deliver that.
      For the rest, I can only say that my Saab convertible has its first 30 Tkm down and no defect is to complain.
      Despite GM and all the parts where the GM logo sticks on it ...

      • blank

        China will not deliver either. Saab remains Swedish, the investors are Chinese. Works well with Volvo, right?

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      Dieter, if you drive a diesel engine with the GM emblem, there is a little trick you can use to make the engine suitable for winter. 😉 The main problem (which I also had with my 93-I for a while) was this vile engine oil. Instead of the GM-Plörre, just have a good Castrol oil pour in (I use the 0W-30 for the turbodiesel myself) and you will probably be surprised how the machine can run 😉 (Everything, of course, after consultation with the Workshop). On the subject of transmissions: people with the "Longlife" seal are saving money there too. Change all of the oil there with every inspection, as some dirt can collect itself in the gearbox. That doesn't cost the world either (for me it was around 30-40 euros).
      BTW. The quality of the diesel fuel also plays a major role

      Greeting, Creativ

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      Hi Dieter,

      SAAB automobile construction can only continue in the long term if z. At the moment, the existing building blocks are being built on a tight budget - these are now to a large extent components from GM. Unfortunately, the 9-5 / 9-4X are almost 100% GM components / licenses at the moment.

      Should GM continue to play the brakes, SAAB would have to look for other partners for 9-5 platforms, for example, at times in order to make ends meet. This would by no means be a permanent solution - the future 9-3 would already be a pure SAAB again. If it turns out as shown, the development costs for the future new models should already be largely certain. Perhaps the stretched version of this body could even be used for a temporary 9-5 (gap filler) - if it shouldn't work with the 9-5 licenses. Here, however, the technology to be specified on SAAB would have to be contributed by another manufacturer so that production could take place promptly. Maybe from BMW - they like to sell off their shelves and an engine deal was set up months ago….

      It could possibly be without GM.


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    Very well presented - we had the aforementioned processes in the back of our heads here in the small “SAAB circle” in Schleswig-Holstein.

    Another idea on the side: Perhaps SAAB, Youngman & Pang Da could temporarily acquire licenses from another car manufacturer (for example from SUBARU) until the later 9-5 and other models are ready for series production and these models, as it were, as a gap filler for the first time worldwide with the SAAB -Sell the emblem - if GM completely blocks itself. The small manufacturer SUBARU would probably also benefit from this. There was also a SAAB 9-2 years ago, which was actually a SUBARU (at that time SUBARU was still part of GM) - it would only be for a limited period of time.


    • blank

      The 9-2 was a total failure. Please do not. In addition, the ignition would be in the wrong place

    • blank

      That with the licenses of another manufacturer is not a bad idea - after all, it is a possible emergency situation (caused by GM).

      The SAAB fabrication facilities could be busy and dealers / customers would not stand in empty showrooms.

      The then on some models temporarily different technology could be specified in the direction of SAAB and the required short-term redesign of a design recognizable as SAAB body would also be feasible. It would not necessarily be GM!


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