Saab dealer tour rocks and the future of SWAN

The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror
The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror

Germany was once one of the most important markets for Saab. The descent started for me with the move to Rüsselsheim, where Saab was only seen as an unloved daughter. In the following years, Germany lost more and more importance on the Saab map. All the more important for us is the Saab Dealer Tour, an idea from Saab Germany enforced against initial Swedish concerns.

After Germany and Austria, the event is becoming increasingly international. The tour is currently running in France, followed by Spain. The international Saab forums read that Saab's idea should be used in all other markets. That would be good. Not only because the suggestion came from Germany, but because this tour would create a lot of trust among customers and dealers.

Through the tour we can learn a lot. About the Saab community, the Saab dealers and how the customers react to the new models.

An article on this, which will be quite long but interesting, is currently in the works. Just so much in advance, the Saab future looks good in Germany. At least when our Swedes do their homework in the next few days.

The clock is running. We still have a good week, until then everything should stop. The 21.11 is the acid test, then the payment of the creditors must be established.

SWAN already has the future behind it

No matter how it goes on in Trollhättan. "Swedish Automobile" - formerly Spyker - should have the future behind it. SWAN will no longer rock, because even after the sale of Saab automobiles and the possible sale of Spyker, there are still € 4,0 to 5,0 million in liabilities. That is the frustrating result of Friday's extraordinary shareholders' meeting.

Aside from the fact that the Spyker sale to North Street Capital is just a letter of intent, more in line with the "big white rabbits" from Victor Muller's hat, it looks black as hell to shareholders.

The sales primarily serve Victor Muller's “Tenaci” and then the other creditors. For the shareholders, the SWAN share thus mutates to the “hope value” without hope and substance. A possible liquidation of SWAN was made public on Friday, so that some illusion should be gone.

Those who are not out of this paper can soon bequeath the stock to their children as a reminder of a turbulent time or auction it on Ebay. Or a miracle happens, or a very, very big rabbit comes out of one of the many cylinders. But such are rare even in Holland.

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    Hello Tom

    In the spring - sorry I didn't notice anything and that is very surprising, since I have been an active customer since April 2011, who reads everything about SAAB. My dealer didn't tell me about it either. Do you know where the tour took place?

    Basically, I read with pleasure that SAAB could also live without GM. For me, however, it worries me a bit - am I waiting patiently for a 9-5 Vector?

    Thank you very much for your reporting - it is always very exciting and thrilling!

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    Hello Tom

    I am pleased that the dealer tour is a complete success. It is becoming more and more international and the only thing missing is Italy, so that it took place all around Switzerland - why not IN Switzerland?

    Ok, we are a small country - but I still think that's a shame .- (Maybe there is a plausible explanation for it? Can you open my eyes?

    Now I hope for a big rabbit!

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      Hello McLee,

      the Swiss already enjoyed a Saab tour in spring. 🙂 That's why, I'm afraid, no giant rabbit comes to Switzerland today. I think 2012 will continue….

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    Hello Tom….
    the picture has become really very chic ... 😉
    Send me the others ...

    Thank you…

    Ciao Alex

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