Saab News: Negotiations continue, the march west

Superficially everything is quiet in Sweden. Behind the scenes, negotiations with Youngman, Pangda and GM continue. Today is the 15.11, the day up to which the purchase of Saab should have been made binding. Already yesterday leaked through that an extension of the option was not a problem.

Presumably, according to our experience of the last months, it will come to a viable decision only at the end of the week.

Anyone who speculates that the Chinese will still distance themselves from the purchase, is probably wrong.

Because the acquisition of Saab fits in well with the current, long-term strategy of the Chinese auto industry. With the acquisition you want to strengthen your own competence, which you need on the long march west. There is a new, interesting book on the internationalization of the Chinese car brands pure read, The book teaches one thing above all else. In China, you do not think quarterly, but in decades.

Interesting reading, even for our American friends in Detroit, who still pay homage to the quarterly figures.

Maybe you can draw lessons from that or shorten the time until the final Saab takeover by Pang Da and Youngman.

Until then, as always, we have to be patient and wait.


2 thoughts on "Saab News: Negotiations continue, the march west"

  • An interesting book, even if you want to know what you want to do with the Saab technology obtained in the sell-out and what you Saab used here as a bargain purchase

  • Another addition to the way of thinking in decades. Allegedly, Chinese State Chief Hu Jintao is said to have been asked what he means about capitalism. His answer, it was still too early to judge.

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