Saab - Youngman evening news from Stockholm

The Swedish press has been quiet for a few days now. Saab disappears from the daily headlines, which I definitely do not regret. Tonight I had a very long phone call with a good friend in Stockholm, which is very close to the Saab thing.

What he told me sounds believable and very positive. The involved parties talk (finally) directly with each other, behind closed doors. The media are deliberately kept outside. The effort of both the Chinese and the Americans to understand each other's position is palpable. There is an intense search for solutions with which all participants can live.

As written this afternoon, Youngman representatives are increasingly taking responsibility and taking an active role. All current financial obligations are also met, so that the reconstruction does not appear to be at risk.

It is very important to me to mention the following: Youngman and Pang Da are investors who want to consciously invest in the Trollhättan location. The investors seem to stand for the Swedish origin of the products and Saab DNA. It is very important not to skim off technology. It is about expanding the brand over the next few years and putting new products on the road.

These are facts that I keep hearing from everyone involved in the Saab deal. Unfortunately, I have to disappoint everyone who suspiciously observes the entry of the Chinese. At the moment you are 100% committed to commitments and keep your word.

These were the late news from Stockholm. I think it's good news.

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    Does not sound bad, the future will show if it happens like that.

    It has become very quiet around the NDRC. Whether it can be speculated by the cash flow from the Chinese side to continue the reconstruction that there were clear signals?

    It would be exciting to find out what GM is negotiating exactly. More license money? The current know-how has arrived in China via a GM joint venture.

    I do not see the competitive situation as strong. From the perspective of GM, the possible quantities are rather low (and they still take license money). Also in the Chinese market with the 9-5 from my point of view not quickly exorbitant quantities will be achieved (tariff barriers). Therefore, quickly pulling up a production for the car in China, seems to me questionable from a financial point of view (but I'm not a production expert).

    I wonder what component GM will deliver for the Phoenix generation. Are there perhaps future technology components that GM does not want to see in other hands in order not to lose any edge?

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    Hi Tom,

    Here in Hamburg, a really banal question arises when it comes to licenses: What about the body of the current 9-5 models - at least that could be used for a so-called "gap filler or transitional model" if GM continued to refuse will?

    The appearance has already impressed and would facilitate a possibly necessary transitional solution.

    On the other hand, something else would have to be developed at short notice.


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    Hi Tom,

    I just allow myself the "you" even if I'm completely new to the Saab Community! A week ago I consciously fulfilled my mobile dream in the form of a 9-3 (II) convertible and of course I am excited about every news from Sweden. At this point, a "kudos" to your blog that keeps us Saab fans up to date. Of course, I wish that Saab survived as an automotive individualism - so keep pressing!

    Greetings from Berlin.


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    Hi Tom,
    those are a few reassuring words. Let's hope for a positive outcome together, as discussed in Leipzig. It would be a shame for the 9-5 and 9-4X.

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