Server relocation postponed ...

Actually, the blog wanted to quietly move to a new server today, after which the old server faltered frighteningly during the Saab dealer tour. The new server, a powerful Raid 5 is already available. However, the server farm in Saxony, more precisely near Leipzig. There is today holiday (?). Surprising for us and the provider. It would be possible but without a net and double bottom the risk is too high.

As the old server continues to run and the next attempt follows. Later, when my desk is a little emptier, there will be news about the progress of the negotiations in Sweden.


4 thoughts too " Server relocation postponed ..."

  • Day of Prayer and Repentance. Only in one state did he survive as a holiday ...

  • …And that's good….

  • ... so today saxony is working again!
    is nice to know that the blog data is not in the far east on the server!

    Greetings Torsten

    • No, our valuable data are very close to Leipzig 😉. Something else would be out of the question!


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