Saab News: Late news from Stockholm and new from Antonov

Since the Swedish press is silent, I pick up the phone almost every day and call in Stockholm. The Saab negotiations are held in camera. At least since a certain leak was closed. Currently, negotiations are going on very intensively about details, because the first, non-binding declaration of intent expired yesterday.

However, this does not affect the matter, because the sale and reconstruction continue. The new agreement is supposed to be "watertight" so to speak, so that it can be converted into a final sales contract. That takes time and a lot of meticulous detailed work. I think the schedule could be shaky. However, everything is in the green for Saab, no danger. I heard that very clearly today. More details will follow (possibly) as soon as information is available.

Let us remember Vladimir Antonov. The man whom the ECB rejected as Saab shareholder because the Lithuanian National Bank regarded its bank as, well, shaky? Antonov had granted a loan to a Russian company that had previously crashed at all banks. That was not good. There were also other allegations and strange stock deals.

Now it happened. Vladimir Antonov is having a bad day today. The Lithuanian National Bank has cashed Antonov's bank "Snoras". So placed under receivership. Too many bad loans. Lars Carlström, Antonov's spokesman, said they were "... caught off guard ..."

Maybe the Luxembourg bank was right after all? Wouldn't Antonov have been the solution to Saab's problems but would have become a problem himself in the medium term? Whatever. Tomorrow is a new day and life goes on. Also for Vladimir Antonov.


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  • I mention the profit maximization at the parent company in favor of the shareholders in the USA
    However, Opel, which in Rüsselsheim is also a development center for
    GM operates worldwide and is burdened with it and the licenses are then located in Detroit

  • Hi Tom,

    to another of your contributions, I had raised the following question (analogously): Is the body (design) of the current 9-5 under the licenses to acquire, in which General Motors blocks so far? For an answer we would be grateful here in small SAAB round in Hamburg.

    Our “ulterior motive” is that if the design is freely available, the 9-5 with a slightly different “inner workings” could become a sellable “filler” up to the serial development of the Phoenix models - the advantage would be that here at least the appearance / design that has already been imprinted (which was very popular with many buyers) could initially be retained.

    Of course, this would only be interesting if GM persists in this weird blockade policy.

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

    • blank

      Hey Joachim,

      all current Saab 9-5 are licensed products. As strange as it is. The development of 9-5 and 9-4x was paid for by Saab, or Saab was charged in GM times. Nevertheless, the contracts were formulated in such a way that these products are licenses. Why, only those who were at the negotiating table know.

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