Saab dealer list is being revised

The Saab blog is mutating more and more to the full-time shop. My own fault, because I started it voluntarily. If you could make money with it, then maybe you could create jobs. Unfortunately, blogging is not lucrative, at least not in Germany, so put a lot of free time and love for the Swedish brand in it.

The German Saab dealer list is no longer current. Since many readers use the directory as a search tool on a daily basis, the dealer directory with the most hits since the blog was founded, the list goes “off line” today before it becomes a nuisance.

Saab Germany has provided me with the new data and a revised directory will appear in the next few days. In the future, “Saab Partner” and “Saab Service Partner” will be distinguishable at first glance. Maybe with some current pictures of the dealers from the tour and with updated links.

Let's see what works. My weekend is saved


11 thoughts on " Saab dealer list is being revised"

  • Who speaks here of eBay or something similar?
    I thought more in the direction of ”quality of work carried out”, ”customer friendliness”, etc. .
    It is all about the principle that dealers / service points do their best and no longer give the impression of a “backyard workshop”. For the headquarters in Frankfurt it should also be quite interesting what the customers themselves (!) Think of the partners and whether they really do justice to the good reputation of SAAB ...
    Or am I wrong?

  • A valuation function ???

    Luckily we are not on ebay….


  • If you can also make a suggestion regarding the list of dealers ... I would, if necessary, integrate an evaluation function for the individual partners. This should make it easier for us, as loving SAAB drivers, to decide which of the “many” service points we can visit 😉

    Greeting, Creativ

  • So if there are really more such halls where you put the car in with a mistake and with, in part, get a lot bigger again?

  • Hi, if Tom leaves out he gets complaints ... Although the blog is free. Let's make an exclusion list and give it to Tom 🙂

  • I had already mentioned that when the two beautiful pre-production models were in Lauchringen (Tiefert).
    Can you like to send some of these experiences on occasion

  • In the meantime I drive for almost every repair from Schluchsee to the Autohaus Roth in Stuttgart
    But thanks for the tip in Stockach

  • Hi mac9-5,

    Nice to hear from you


    Do you think I should use the freedom of the blogger and leave out a partner? Remember, Frankfurt is reading

  • Hi Tom.

    Great ... I am very happy about that !!!
    Finally, a newer, more reliable list.
    (For example, if I enter my zip code in the list at, the first to appear is a Saab center away from me 37 km, which I suspect is no longer a Saab dealer, here the dealer was also in the old list in it)

    Are there any differences between centers, dealers and service partners, etc.?

  • Oh yes, I know those too

  • If you should have Autohaus Sixt from Villingen-Schwenningen in the list, then please delete it right away ... The quality of the “workshop” is anything but satisfactory and you should avoid the associated annoyance as much as possible 😉
    Greeting, Creativ

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