Saab News: Radio Stockholm reports…

The night was short and yesterday's, almost traditional conversation, with my Swedish friends lasted quite a long time. What is there to report about the Saab situation? Not much, but some facts, because the negotiations between Youngman and Pang Da with the other parties are very time consuming.

Some things seem to come true slowly. My guess that Saab's timeline will be obsolete seems to be confirmed. There is still no official statement, but I think everything will shift backwards. No reason for fears. The negotiations are in very close coordination with the administrator and, I am told, is 100% behind the story. As long as Guy Lofalk advocates the development, so long everything is fine.

Another development could be with our friends from Detroit. Carefully expressed, because I try to keep the balance between the parties, there could be a compromise. General Motors could stay on board as a long-term supplier and thus be a supplier of certain important components in the longer term. So Detroit could continue to do good business with the Swedes even after the expiration of the current license production in a few years.

If you are only half way with strategic thinking at GM, then you will soon agree. If not, you make a mistake in my opinion.

Old Pang is in Sweden today. Probably also because the GM position has moved yesterday.

A new day, new negotiations. As always, we stay cool, let's wait.


5 thoughts on "Saab News: Radio Stockholm reports…"

  • yesterday it rose to 0,34 for one day, to be back at around 0,22 today ...

  • Hmm, what rash? The stock lolls listlessly to himself. Or did I miss something?

  • Hey Tom,

    Who is actually the so-called old Pang? This name (first name?) Appears both with the owner of Pang Da and the owner of Youngman Lotus.

    Is it good to have the people from GM with you as business partners (suppliers) over the next few years? For over 20 years they haven't exactly covered themselves with fame with regard to SAAB ... If a compromise were only possible with this obligation, one would actually have to bite the famous bullet - although on the other hand BMW is also in the starting blocks (here goes As is well known, it was initially about the delivery of smaller engines).

    Greetings from Hamburg

  • Do you happen to know what triggered the surge in SWAN shares yesterday? Unfortunately, I am disregarding an old adage according to which one should no longer look at the price development of the same after selling one's shares. But I'm still interested ... :-)

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