Saab News Sweden: Creditors' meeting adjourned

No surprise for us, as our sources have already suggested. The Saab creditors' meeting has been adjourned for the time being, which should not be a cause for concern. Now the official confirmation of the shift has been made.

A new date has not yet been determined and will probably come only when the current negotiations have been successfully completed. The negotiations are in close coordination with Guy Lofalk, who is the main contact for the reconstruction. It has also been confirmed by the official side that the partners from China are in favor of the commitments entered into. Liquid funds are continuously provided.

The negotiations, or should I say the highest level poker, continue. Some people don't understand why GM makes it so exciting. A journalist basically said the following. "The technology of the Americans is not that up-to-date and modern." He is right.

Our friends from Detroit walk on a very narrow jetty. If they span the arc, image damage is enormous. I'm not just talking about the Saab drivers. Meanwhile, I also know some drivers of GM products who find the behavior just questionable. Lack of social skills does not come well, no matter which car make you on the road.

By the way, the Renaissance Center is still reading And not only there.

A nice weekend to all of you, including the boys in Detroit ...