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A new directory of Saab partners in Germany is currently being created on After the question was whether a simple list would suffice or whether it should be a little more demanding, we (as always) decided on the somewhat more complex solution. Every Saab partner gets a “microsite” on the blog with the most important contact details.

Saab partners who are known or have been visited get a current picture and a link to the respective report, why the somewhat time-consuming solution? The effort is currently much higher, but later easier to maintain and expand. Current additional information, events, contacts and links are then easy to complete. Especially active Saab partners and the community will benefit from it. The solution is more contemporary than the old dealer list. Disadvantage: The new directory will not be online before December.

A small Saab Fan Shop goes online during the week. As a supplement, with Swedish gifts that have a Saab reference. Of course with expansion potential.

The current report on the Saab dealer tour 2011 is also ready. Because there is a lot to tell, the “Back to the Saab future!” Starts on Monday. Row in four parts on the blog. Starting with the trip to Trollhättan, everything is told about Saab, the German Saab team, the new models and the dealers. A lot of text, a lot of pictures, very interesting.

Less interesting is the development in Sweden. Slow and tough, investors Pang Da and Youngman have forwarded further information to Detroit. In China, one wonders whether General Motors really wants to risk investing with the world's largest car dealer in the largest car market in the world. Because GM is growing profitably in China, but that could quickly end if you overdo it.

Still something for the weekend. Car and Driver has published a great Saab story about a classic Saab love. Worth reading.


3 thoughts on " Inside Saab Stories, Fan Shop, Dealer Directory"

  • GM should actually know that there are enough cross-connections between industry and politics in China and whoever doesn't play along has to look up quickly. but we are only the rest of the world and not Americans ... except that the Chinese are not so quick to go down
    like we are here in Europe, we just wait and see

  • The people at GM apparently assume that as Americans they have an infinite "fool's freedom" towards the rest of the world - in this respect I can only underline your paragraph regarding the behavior towards Pang Da which can now be described as an affront! But Youngman-Lotus is by no means a so-called no name company - you really shouldn't overdo it on the part of GM and above all, don't lose sight of the people in Sweden and the worldwide SAAB fans !

    Ultimately, as an elephant in a china shop, you can't make it big in a positive sense - quite the opposite would be the case….

    A nice start to the new week all SAAB participants and greetings from Schleswig-Holstein


  • a pure list would also be good, because I need this for the creation of so-called POI's for Navi

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