Youngman: Saab strategic long-term investment

From the negotiations with GM nothing new was heard in the morning. Saab CEO Victor Muller had sent a text message to the local newspaper in Trollhättan over the weekend that more information had been sent to the Americans. The rumor mill, unconfirmed, tells the following.

General Motors is to remain on board as an engine and transmission supplier for the next generation of vehicles. According to the source, that is the carrot that Youngman holds in front of the GM rabbit's nose. It is not certain whether Detroit will respond. But, as I said, a rumor, not confirmed.

A spokesman for Youngman today confirmed the seriousness of the investment. He told Reuters that they had come as a “strategic long-term investor”. The longer I look at the negotiations, the more I suspect that Youngman and Pang Da will, in the worst case, buy Saab even without GM licenses.

That would not be optimal, and also not what we would like. But an option for the future.

Because we're talking about options right now. That has a few days ago Store Manager published an article on Victor Muller's friends Antonov and the “mailbox investor” North Street Capital. The famous rabbit comparison seems to apply to North Street Capital. Because according to research by Manager Magazin, the owner is in the “pet supplies industry”. Hmm

Our friends from the other blogs still run North Street as a serious investor ...


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  • If GM should withdraw completely, it would be pure stupidity. The dealer tour was a great advertisement for “GM models” and attracted many new potential customers to Saab. This would then be absolutely obsolete. But what should be changed if 9-4x and 9-5 continue to be produced are the interiors. It is quite embarrassing to find the same light switches and different buttons in a Saab up to 70.000 € as in a Chevrolet Aveo (under 10.000 €). There is definitely some catching up to do, although I do not believe that this will be changed, purely for cost reasons.

  • blank

    Saab should disconnect as soon as possible from everything that has to do with GM. When I see the cars of GM, which come under the brand Chevrolet on German roads, so, then I get a nausea. Not to mention the technology.

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