Saab News: Chinese investors are responsible

The Swedish media, especially Dagens Industri, speculated about wages for Saab employees last week. Investors Pang Da and Youngman have now stated that they are ready to pay for wages. Friday is payday again, until then should be the funds on the Saab accounts.

Did I doubt it? No I did not. So far, all obligations have been correctly fulfilled. So far there has been no news from the Detroit gentlemen. Between the lines, however, there seems to be one thing in particular. Money. GM seems to be playing for better terms for the licenses. At least that was what a Swedish birdie told us today ...…

Anyway. We are waiting for news from Detroit.


4 thoughts on "Saab News: Chinese investors are responsible"

  • I find it very daring and completely inappropriate to call VM a clown. He is responsible that the SAAB car brand still exists and that GM has not removed it from the market….

  • In the Gengsatz to the clown from Holland sinks with the Chinese the entertainment value. This is more substance and seriousness behind it. Good for SAAB and hope for the future.

  • blank

    The GM people were from the beginning (that was over 100 years now, I think) pure financial investors and not carmakers. Of cars, certainly not of such very special things in life, as Saab it is, have absolutely no idea!

  • blank

    The longer it takes, the more unpleasant the state-subsidized GM group is.

    As the overall picture of Americans has suffered somewhat recently, the development of Saab automobiles is likely to be of more general interest than GM would like.

    On the other hand, the Chinese are more and more reliable partners on the side of Saab. I see it similar to already here in the blog angeklungen: Should it come to a complete refusal attitude by the Americans, I could still imagine (although under some difficult conditions) the final access by the Chinese side.

    Whether GM’s status in China would then be the same as it is now is highly doubtful. In any case, with this constellation, the (supposedly) still existing “mediocre” image of GM would have completely disappeared - because always just tapping things off and ruining former subsidiaries does not go down well!


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