Saab News: Patience, Patience, Patience .... (reborn ..)

You always meet twice. At least. We had already prematurely adopted our unpopular “patience” word in early retirement. Now it is active again and has us under control more than ever. The situation in Sweden is partially contradictory, but some facts emerge regarding GM, Victor Muller and the Swedish state.

It's clear that you're in no hurry to decide in Detroit. Depending on how one stands for Saab, the press in Sweden writes about a few weeks, which might take time to finally agree. Because, between the lines, it is readable, one of consent finally goes out. Whichever price you would pay for it. This is not a problem for GM, for Saab. Because every week standstill weakens the car manufacturer, the customers move away and the dealers withdraw. So why not wait another four weeks.

The Swedish state is becoming more and more active behind the scenes. Efforts are being made to become a Saab on diplomatic and probably other ways both in China and in the US. Government officials want to fly to Detroit with Guy Lofalk to support the negotiations. Where did this change of heart? Well, Antonov can be regarded as disposed of for the time being, the government could never endure the Russians anyway. And Muller comes more and more on the siding.

What is amazing, tragic and logical at the same time. Amazing, because Guy Lofalk plays an unusually active and almost dominant role for an administrator. Normally, a reconstruction in Sweden is in coordination with the administrator and the management. That putting a CEO on the sidelines is more than unusual, say Swedish friends. Saab has wanted Lofalk as an administrator, because Lofalk was already known there. More specifically, he came on the recommendation of Christina Geers, the chief lawyer. Did you look for a counterpart to Muller?

The tragic thing is because Muller has actually saved Saab. But to bring the company 12 months later in an even worse position. Logically, however, because Muller's network, say Antonov, is no longer effective. The investor from Russia currently has other problems, the backing from London is now missing Muller.

A journalist from Sweden said Muller could spend a lot of time in Mallorca in the future and splash around in the pool. That was certainly not that fair, but that's life.

In any case, the top-class members of the Spyker or “Swedish Automobile” management team have already achieved one thing. Saab is likely to have the longest idle car production in the world if paid in full. There is also a big bonus at the end of the year. Betting?


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    The creditors' meeting of the 1.11. has agreed to the business plan, ie behind Saab and knows that the claims (albeit belated) 2012 are fully offset. I do not think the suppliers would block a serious push towards a speedy production start!
    The situation has changed fundamentally with the sustained commitment of Youngman and Pang Da.
    Now you should split the activities and in addition to the continuation of the negotiations with vigor to advance the preparation of the production start, so that the core task of the company as soon as possible is brought back to life!

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    What I do not understand is the fact that the production of the 9-3 will not resume. Here you move outside the license ban with GM and can set a sign
    because a production start-up could be both loyal Saab customers as well as potential new customers of one
    Frustkauf to hold the competition.

    A car factory must now run once, if not with the total range then just temporary
    with a model. So again money would come into the cash, the existing Auftäge would be processed
    and at least some of the employees who had been banned from forced leave for months would have returned
    a normal daily routine. Not to mention the breathe of the traders.

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      The production in Trollhättan is unfortunately not due to licensing problems, but because of unpaid claims from suppliers ...

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    Dear SAAB owners, please continue to be patient - even if the speedometer is already showing high mileage. Our 9-5 station wagon has almost 220.000 km under its belt and it runs (with good care, of course) like on the first day!

    It is now extremely interesting that not only the Chinese partners are showing their full commitment - hats off, but that the state authorities in Sweden are now also acting for SAAB automobiles.

    This courageous advocacy should and should be intensified in view of the unfair behavior of GM (here everything is deliberately drawn out unnecessarily). These GM failures rescued by government funds should be "put on fire under the bum" from all sides - really selfish and unpleasant people!


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      Even 220TKm are still comparatively little 😉 I bought my 93 (2.2 TiD - 125PS) from 2001 almost a year ago with 280TKm and it is still running, although it now shows 350TKm, without any problems. Whether it be the electrics, the body or the motor skills ... Everything is flawless and perfect!

      You can say what you want: SAAB simply builds beautiful, uncomplicated and, above all, robust cars that are meant to last and do not always have to be "deported" after 3-4 years, like some makes from Germany.

      Ergo: Once SAAB, always SAAB

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    ... look at it like this ... luckily it turned out to be a Skoda ... because when SAAB builds cars again, the customer will come back! 🙂 if he is an individualist ...

    One can not blame anyone who wants to have a new car that he goes to another brand if there is none at SAAB!

    One can only hope and be patient 😉 that the tapes will roll again soon and the cars will then magically attract their "old customers" again ... and I understand the dealers too ... even if the SAAB tour was and is a very, very nice event ... Belts will run again soon and no one has to earn money with new cars for dealers !!!
    So keep your fingers crossed that they will soon be out of their pockets….

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      As Victor Muller said so beautifully shortly after buying Saab: “We don't have to go out and find new customers”. “We just have to win back those we have lost” 🙂

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    We now have 130000 km down with our 2002 9 5 SportCombi Arc.

    From time to time we flirted with a station wagon from another brand (especially before the "Müller era" when it was bad about Saab and Saab has not presented a new station wagon for ages).

    But at the latest since the new 9-5 was introduced, we have decided to “hold out”.
    And since the station wagon was introduced, it has become clear: when buying a new car, it can really only be a new Saab (whether station wagon or new, as an alternative, this until recently “unloved” SUV).

    And the few more months (hopefully !?) we can now also wait loosely!
    If necessary, the SC will last for years! 😉
    And the old Arc is not really bad either - like to drive around with it and hardly miss anything in terms of technical innovations compared to today's cars.

    And just recently, an older man has kept the car for a current model and asked me to interested.

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    He was looking for and found nothing. A used with almost 100.000 kilometers is also no alternative to an old one with 164.000. There it became instead of a SAAB a Skoda, cruel!

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      only 164TKm? It's not an age for a SAAB. It almost borders on mockery to swap such a car for a Skoda ... He probably didn't look for that long 😉
      Well, here the wheat is literally separated from the chaff, which is a real shame ...

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        There just was the patience missing 🙂

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      From the Saab to the Skoda that is very close to self-mutilation. In front of my Saab I drove 12 years Toyota and was always very happy with my car. But once sat in the Saab, and 12 years Toyota loyalty and satisfaction were completely eradicated with a blow. It suddenly opens a light and you get what you did to his butt for years. My compassion is the poor Skoda driver but he is himself to blame

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    Always just patience. A good friend of mine has now thrown in the towel and sold his SAAB. I think more and more SAAB drivers are doing so. At some point you just need a new car.

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      It does not always have to be a new car 😉 Used Saabs with a very good price / performance ratio are now available almost everywhere, and those who do not consider getting one of them are guilty.
      It's actually a shame that some people prefer to turn around because of just one, albeit large, pebble on the route than to look for an alternative from the same camp ...

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