Saab Fan Shop Online, Vladimir Antonov Offline

Our little Saab Fan Shop went online today. Equipped with high-quality and original Swedish gift ideas from Playsam, a Swedish manufacturer who has often worked for Saab. The shop is a start and expandable, depending on what comes up with good ideas and “Saabigen” product ideas.

Saab Keychain
Saab Keychain

While we are running a small shop as blog support, the "Big Business" for Vladimir Antonov has run. The Russian has finally gone offline today.

After the Lithuanian state had first placed Antonov's SNORAS Bank under state control, the smaller Krajbanka had been nationalized on Monday. This is the car-owner and owner of Portmouth FC, as well as owners of the World Rally Championship Series his banking empire going on.

Today the plug was finally pulled. European arrest warrant on suspicion of money laundering and fraud. Layer in the shaft for the Russian, who seems to have submerged as a precaution. In Lithuania, 300 million in client funds from SNORAS Bank and around 190 million in Krajbanka are now missing. A mere half a billion is a bitter loss to the small economy in Lithuania.

Customers of SNORAS Bank are only allowed to withdraw a limited amount per day and only part of the missing funds are covered by the state guarantee.

It's a good thing that we do not have Vladimir Antonov as a co-owner of our carmaker, the media echo would be devastating today.

What consequence the Antonov scandal for Victor Muller's Tenaci has, we will see. Because Antonov is the lender of Tenaci. Probably this is not the last Antonov message that will touch us somehow.


3 thoughts on "Saab Fan Shop Online, Vladimir Antonov Offline"

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    @@ Creativ

    So it's probably already quite high quality plastic.

    I also do not treat the pendant very gently.
    A few times he has fallen from my hand on the floor.
    So far nothing has happened - all the wheels are still on and the lights are still on (there is a button on the underside; you press the orange or red front and rear lights).

    Overall, the processing seems to me to be very high quality (bottom is also screwed to change the battery, for example).

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    The key ring is in my opinion one of the most beautiful Saab accessories!
    (just like the similar “pedal car” from Ulf Hanses).
    I enjoy the pendant every day:

    @@ Tom
    Nice idea with the shop!
    Hope he will pay for you (and your tireless work on the blog) !!!
    I've already discovered something for me .... Now I just have to look into the Christmas box !!!!

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      @ Mac9-5

      How robust is this trailer actually made?
      Personally, I would always fear that this beautiful piece could be shattered by a careless move

      Greeting, Creativ

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