Saab News: Schwedentheater ... again

Have we been spoiled the last few days with our Swedes? Well, there's the problem with Detroit. The guys from the US do not want to give me a Saab 9-4x, which I somehow personally take. Otherwise, everything seemed to be running smoothly. Currently there are Murks and Swedish folk theater in Trollhättan again.

It started with Antonov, about which is speculated further. The Baltic millions are said to have infiltrated a detour in a certain Swedish automaker. There is evidence, depending on your point of view, or not. All that is certain is that Antonov's funds did not come from his own pockets, but from the pockets of Baltic savers. If the assumptions are correct, the speculation was at a high level. Let's see when Dagens Industri makes a story out of it.

It continues with Eric Geers, Saab press chief, who announced yesterday that wages and salaries “most likely” will not come on time. Geers is innocent, he is only the messenger of bad news. If you hear this, you ask yourself whether those responsible in Beijing and Trollhättan are not aware of the explosiveness of punctual wage payments. Saab is under administration and such delays are risky. Especially since such appointments do not appear completely spontaneously and unexpectedly.

The IF Metal union, which is once again preparing to file for bankruptcy, came forward almost compulsively. You want to wait until Monday, but then ... Of course, this goes through the press and doesn't make things any better. A few minutes ago, the first Google messages pop up. This evening at the latest we have it on television on N24.

All of this is not good and honestly, I don't want to hear this Swedish theater anymore. It is time to put it in “dry wipes”.

Is there anything positive to report? We know that the Swedish government works for Saab in the background. Meanwhile, our carmaker is called "important for the Swedish auto industry". So today on radio P1. A few months ago it didn't sound that way, when Saab was dismissed as unimportant for the economy.

10.000 jobs in the auto industry are now an argument where the economy in Sweden is weakening. And a little more tailwind from Stockholm could have been good for Saab months ago.

Such a Swedish theater is also over, at some point the curtain falls. We are unintentionally in the front row and would like to do without this part of the production. If we stay brave and strong, we will take our optimism. Let's relax and see what the game plan will bring in the future.


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  • Look at the link

    The fans are not.

    I've been following this for some time now. MG writes comments and when there is a headwind they suddenly ... GET AWAY !!!
    Try to delete a private comment or am I too stupid?

  • The GM people cited as the main reason for the license refusal that they could incur disadvantages in the China market when released.

    If you persist in this selfish behavior, perhaps the following move could help: First of all, the new owners are limited to the production and distribution of the models 9-4X and 9-5 in regions outside of China. Only the later generations of these models (hopefully completely without GM) would run then also in China quite normally.

    With accelerated development of the vehicles, this is not a huge problem - if the Americans should block this approach too, their entire previous argumentation with regard to the current model series would collapse and one would suspect that they would not want SAAB to exist at all (and this would possibly be possible all because these guys were kept alive with huge sums of American tax dollars - somehow it would be disgusting and anti-social)!


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    Hi Tom, I do not like it anymore. For my girlfriend, I'm now looking for a 9 3, she could finally convince. We stick to the brand

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    This is really Swedish theater? What about the official vehicles in Sweden? Were there still new Saabs purchased or the old ones replaced by new ones? Or do you already avoid Saab? The authorities alfas have kept Alfa afloat in Italy for decades. I hope Sweden think so too.

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      The last orders from the police were canceled in the summer and instead bought the VW Passat. If SAAB builds cars, you would order because you do not want to be dependent on a supplier (Volvo).

      I hope that this theater will come to the finale soon and smoke the chimneys.

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        VW Passat, oh man! This is really extremely annoying for Saab, too, what is being lost in potential is a shame. And the competition earns a golden nose in the meantime ...

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