Saab News: Updates from Sweden and London

My yesterday was a single, very private, drama. So the blog and the Saab community had to wait, because in some situations, other things are more important. Even a friend did not have a good day yesterday, he got bad news. If he reads this, then he knows that I think about him. Back to Saab and the blog. It has done a lot and really fun writing does not bring.

In London visited Vladimir Antonov as a short-term visitor to a state Verwahranstalt but now on bail to enjoy the freedom. Apparently, his release seems to have been against the objection of the Baltic States, where he left a chaotic mess. Two of its banks are going bankrupt, Snoras Bank and Krajbanka will no longer exist.

Which brings us to the topic. Yesterday morning the word “Saab” came from the Baltic States, where you would like to get your money back. This is very effective for the media at first, but also very speculative. Victor Muller made a public statement on Antonov yesterday. His company Tenaci was financed by the Russian, most recently Muller received funds from Antonov in February a year ago, he said. If this information is correct, the risk for SWAN and Saab is minimal.

The question, in this media Antonov disaster is whether the Chinese withdraw or whether they want to invest further. Yesterday quite clear signals came indirectly that the negotiations continue. Today, the Swedish news agency TT reported that Youngman and Pang Da have made a new proposal to the Americans.

Instead of the industrial partner Youngman, the trading group Pang Da should take over the majority in Saab. This is not confirmed by the official side, maybe we will learn more about the weekend.

If you still want to do something relaxed for our Swedish automaker and have not done so yet, you should check out the Facebook page of GM leave a nice and please polite message.

So we do not forget that Saab, long time ago, sometimes built cars, The Guardian has written a report on the Saab 9-3x.

There are a lot of mails in my mailbox waiting for an answer. It will take a few days, I say on this way, because at the moment other things are just more important to me. I ask for your understanding and patience.


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  • Private things always happen and I wish that everything will be fine again.

    • @ All

      Thanks to all, for the dear mails, comments and calls. Life goes on and I used the weekend to rearrange myself. Saab has 9 life, the blogger too. Thank you !

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    I wish you a lot of energy for your other important things.
    Hope you feel better soon.

    Greetings from Switzerland.


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    No reason to fall into depression - with the now badly reduced purchase price of SAAB, it could be that other interested parties (without the Chinese) want to strike.

    The GM people should definitely not be overestimated. Should they be left alone with the licenses (for technologies that can be shown to have been developed in Trollhättan!). There are also other ways of developing new cars - the forge for new ideas that can be implemented at short notice is ultimately available in Trollhättan. An investor like Ratan Tata (Jaguar) would have to be drawn ashore. New models have only gradually emerged there - now after a few years Jaguar is running much better than in Ford times and there is even room for improvement!

    Just don't stay like the rabbit in front of the GM queue - a completely wrong decision!

    Greetings from Stormarn in Schleswig-Holstein

    Julie + family

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