The Saab day in retrospect for optimists and pessimists

Yesterday we had a gray November day in Trollhättan, today our Saab day was so jet black. If we review the news, then we could fall into the November Depression. But not only.

In Sweden there is a “trust barometer”, there called a Förtroendebarometer. It shows the Swedes' trust in the respective companies that are foreign-owned. Volvo has a confidence index of 58%, Saab only 11%. Saab was 10% 53 years ago. Geez.

In Trollhättan ANA, formerly the largest Saab dealer in the world, dismisses more 22 employees. A direct impact of the Saab crisis, as ANA has been servicing the Saab company fleet. It got worse today.

Saab UK takes refuge in the protection of creditors. The independent Ltd. employs 55 employees as Saab importer and 65 employees again in Saab City dealership. Saab UK has good sales figures and got packed again with Saabs before the end of production. Eventually, but the air goes out, the current payment from China was too much.

What else happened?

Victor Muller. He has, some will moan, a plan B. Yes, again. Today he communicated with Dagens Industri via text message. He knows little about the progress of the negotiations in China and the US, but he thought he had an alternative. Whether Muller does a favor with his statements and his SMS, I doubt it very much.

In principle, that's too much for a day. You could jump out of the window (nothing, just first floor) or start emptying a bottle with a high percentage (but it will not hurt, it will only make you headache). 😉

More important are the things that did not happen today.

The unions in Sweden are surprisingly calm. No evil press, no wild threats. That should give us reason to think. The administrator does not send a fax to Vanersborg. He does not break the reconstruction. That too is a good sign.

If Lofalk did not make sense, he would not be in Detroit. Although the negotiations seem tough and difficult, at least they talk to each other.

Interesting are (maybe) things that will happen.

Now we're back at Victor Muller. After being more or less invisible for months, he is a guest on the television program on Friday Skavlan. There he will talk about his tough fight for Saab. Anyone who knows Muller knows that he only registers there if he has something to say. Muller is a media person, he uses the media and he plays with them. Sometimes that went wrong in the past. What will Muller's message be on Friday?

By the way, “Radio Stockholm”, my Swedish friend who has been with the blog for months, is still cautiously optimistic and sees opportunities for a good outcome.

I am too. Tomorrow is a new day. We will see.

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    If I ever jump out of the window because of the situation at Saab (max. 1,80 m to the bottom 🙂) or should get drunk ………… .. no then maybe I prefer to change brands. Is better for your health 🙂

    Or stay calm and wait!



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    Muller is a little egocentric - who can't deny the fact that Guy Lofalk is currently trying to make the decisive moves. So he has to remind himself again.

    Maybe Guy has already successfully completed the game on Friday - if not, it remains to be seen whether a second attempt should follow or whether “the child fell into the well”.

    Only if everything could be answered with a no could Victor possibly come into the spotlight positively - but only if this time it was a really good plan.

    We all like to be positively surprised at Christmas - whether by GL or VM.


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    Moin Tom,

    I've already thought about the "jump window". It is pointless!!!! Ground floor! ;-(

    Now I'm thinking about whether industry can help me !? 😉

    Well, somehow we Saab fans are unfortunately tested ** ... I only take such messages calmly to bored and wait "ge ......" (the word that you don't pronounce) until I finally see new Saabs at the dealers! 😉

    Even the sometimes pitiful to arrogant chatter from almost everyone I know about Saab's situation, I usually only comment with a brief “already old” (since you are days ahead of most normal “news” pages here) or with a smug Smile because you know how it feels to have sat in a 9-5SC or 9-4 for a short time! 😉

    ** I wonder if there are other car brands where the (most?) Customers have been so laid back for years and standing behind the brand / continue to stand ...

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