Saab Trollhättan News: Saab suppliers do not give up

Saab day started quietly and I won't be in the office or on my Mac today. “Slowly blogging” is hip for today and Friday, because there are other things that I have to finish well and that are important to me. The local newspaper in Trollhättan published the little ray of sunshine on the horizon today. Saab's suppliers, it is said, have not yet given up hope.

Whether Lear, the supplier of the seats, DHL or Trollhättan Terminal. They all expect to be recruited after the Saab crisis. Seats Supplier Lear is currently dependent on 100% of the Volvo plant in Uddevalla, where the closure is already established. A renewed production for Saab would be the salvation.

It is a small, current ray of light, from Trollhättan. The Saab rumor mill is pretty quiet right now, but better no news than bad news.

Another message comes from Saab partner BMW. The Müncher, in the future (hopefully) platform and engine supplier, forge further alliances. Toyota will supply diesel engines, probably for a diesel hybrid of the Japanese. And you also get closer together with battery development.

I would much rather have read that BMW supplies to Saab diesel engines, great drive technology for the Saab 9-5 or the successor for example. Or that a small Saab comes on mini platform. But, what is not, that can still be.

Maybe BMW as a strong partner for Saab? Well, that's personal wishful thinking, but an option for the future. Christmas is coming, then wishes come true. 🙂


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  • And we here in Hamburg always thought that the focus on Chinese investors came about through the personal commitment of VM ...

    This is apparently not the case after all - because he would have been able to recognize the GM problem in advance and would have had to turn to other investors accordingly.

    Or did he make a big mistake here?

    Be that as it may - he has announced that he has another solution ready just in case. After all this back and forth, this solution should actually be incontestable - otherwise he would basically not have to take it anymore!


  • I think what VM is saying publicly about his company is quite "tough stuff".
    At least you should pull outward in his company after all with the same strand and if not exuberantly positive then at least make more neutral statements. Well ....

    What would seriously interest me (and I have often searched and asked):
    Is there somehow or somewhere a more detailed biography / information about VM?
    Wikipedia D is not much, Wikipedia EN also little more (the same as Saab itself) ...

    I would seriously be interested in briefly summarizing his "life story".
    How do you get from a lawyer to, among other things, “offshore” and “clothes” to cars?
    How did you come to the very close connection with / to VA?
    How can he invest so much capital himself (already wealthy family, self-developed, “self-managed” or “self-speculated”)?
    etc ...

  • blank

    Apparently, VM has already given up hope and once again rausgeauen one (maybe again by SMS :-)). He does not believe that GM approves the deal with the Chinese and does not understand why the Chinese continue to pump money (for wages?) In Saab. In his opinion, the money was thrown out. Is he just insulted because, unlike Guy Lofalk, he is not allowed to participate in the talks with GM, or has he really given up hope?

    • blank

      Are these statements really by Victor Muller?

      It could also be that someone wants to "subjugate" something to him!

  • blank

    The 3,0 liter diesel would be awesome.
    At least that's what he is in the BMW 3-er, he would also do great in 9-4x and 9-5!

    • blank

      Yes, if you could get the engine across under the Saabian hood that would be a nice idea.

  • blank

    BMW would have been my dream partner for SAAB in many ways. The engines are much, much better than GM and the future for BMW better than the Rüsselsheim.

    BMW and SAAB would be two innovative brands with completely different clientele. BMW would be able to address new groups of buyers.

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