Victor Muller's media theater around Saab

If you know, you know that I prefer a diplomatic writing style. Every day, the blog 5000 has readers who seemingly like this style. Because for months I write for the brand from Trollhättan to contribute to the future, also here in Germany. Then there are days like this. Since yesterday, Victor Muller is hyperactive and gives interviews, seeks the public. I say it openly. Better he had not done it.

In his exclusive interview in Teknikensvarld he attacks with full broadside the Chinese partners, which he has chosen, and his own company. He has no confidence in investors from China. Saab is for him a black hole where Youngman and Pang Da sink their money.

I read the interview three times and I couldn't believe it. What the hell does Victor Muller want? Muller has his own plan, called The Deal at Saabsunited. Hence the fight with Lofalk.

The plan haunts for weeks through the Saab world. Now, as we know, the world is stupidly small and round. The world of Saab is even smaller and therefore secrets are difficult to preserve. Through Sweden, details of the grand plan have reached the German provinces over time. Actually, I'm unhappy about it, because not everything that Stockholm tells me, I also want to know.

Today I am so obsessed with Muller's behavior that I have struggled to publish something more than usual. I will not do it, because what is told to me confidentially, it remains. Only that much. Muller's plan is very ambitious. If he works, then Muller delivers his masterpiece. If it goes wrong, then the lights go out. Poker without regard to losses, at a high level.

My gut feeling and my business experience tell me, it will not work. Maybe I also lack the imagination. If we were in Hollywood, everything would be fine for a great script. Unfortunately we are in real life.

What Muller forgets: There are jobs and livelihoods in Sweden and also in Germany that depend on the continued existence of Saab. He doesn't seem to care. Social skills, none. With his statements, Muller has severely damaged Saab and the Chinese. The reputable press from Sweden sees the same, "Muller attacks Lofalk hard - and Saab" writes Svenska Dagbladet.

Last week the Antonov disaster, this week a Saab CEO on media rampage. Can I think of something else? No.

No positive words after work. Not today. Unfortunately.


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  • If the Chinese take over completely, is VM away from the window, or am I mistaken? For me, a matter of time until he is gone. Otherwise, there is just a bankruptcy and bankruptcy estate, from which will again use the Chinese or another automaker in the world. I suspect that there are enough others waiting for it. Mr Piech wants to have so many brands under his roof and Scania he already has, so the logo.

    There are very clear words for VM's approach: Unprofessional. Communicating with journalists via SMS or with business partners in general, what is that? Every professional knows that a few words can be misunderstood very quickly, and an SMS is always high risk, especially with journalists, because misunderstandings cannot be cleared up. So there should be time for an email ...

  • The problem is that now there is only pure actionism. Only compromise decisions (Plan BZ) are made instead of pursuing a clear strategy. You must have seen at the end of last year that the money would run out at some point and could have looked for more suitable investors much earlier. You cannot run a company according to the motto “It will work out somehow”. Victor Muller had (had) to see that too. The only one with foresight was probably JA Jonsson, who jumped off in time and probably didn't want to do the theater (Antonov etc.) anymore. It's actually a shame, with him the story would certainly have taken a different turn.

  • I see it completely different: who has acted wrong here and still acts wrong guy lofalk and the Chinese. the left hand tour does not seem to work.
    It was completely unnecessary to throw a clear procedure overboard and now you have the result.

    How would you behave if you wanted to expropriate you?

  • It is said that the fish starts to stink on the head, maybe it is here too?

    When does a fish stink?

  • He should team up with zu Guttenberg: (For now?) Failed!

  • ... I just feel sorry for the employees in Sweden. For 6 months in the balance whether the car factory will be closed or not. Not to mention the many dealers and customers around the world, who also experience everything ...
    The CEO is gambling away all his trust.

  • ... so folks what is the state of affairs, let's recap:

    Lofalk is striving for a deal that will not be accepted by GM, the Chinese have the money, but are clearly looking for technical know-how at a low price, which GM again does not suit. GM will be careful not to sell its technology to the Chinese, as they will be able to do it themselves in 2 years at the latest, or they will be able to copy it. And GM is not its own enemy in the Chinese market ... so bad so far. Only what Lofalk was trying to do was already clear to VM from the start and the only way to save something here is simply to flee forwards, I would say - that is PLAN Z. - It's not that absurd at all.

    .... but VM has Lofalk in front of it, which makes it almost impossible….

  • Terrible what Muller says. Does the man know what he is doing? Quite frankly, I fear the worst for SAAB.

  • @ Peter:
    The most important thing is in the article.

    While reading today I felt like you Tom and I actually already dread 'Skavlan' on Friday evening at prime time ...

  • The link to the interview is meant to be nice, but just because I drive a Swedish car does not mean that I can speak Swedish. Can someone say what's in there?

  • Hey Tom, for this article you will definitely get house ban or Mecker in Frankfurt!

    SAAB would need another CEO to put an end to this tragedy. It can not go on like this,

  • Muller's last attack and escape to the front. He does not make prisoners.

    @ Püssel: That did not deserve SAAB, so it is.


  • Hi Tom,

    You would be a good consultant for VM 😉 No really: it is great how exciting but factual you are doing this!

    I also just read the interview with VM on ttela, I think the diagnosis is called egomania and the whole thing really looks like a showdown: either the big VM conjures up his plan XYZ or everything breaks down. To be honest, I can no longer imagine a future for SAAB with a CEO VM; SAAB didn't deserve that.

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