Saab day: Saabs for Switzerland, the blogger and the USA

Blogging for Saab seems to be getting more and more popular despite all the problems in Trollhättan. Saabsunited founds offshoots in France and Russia and keeps discovering unknown blogs. Saab fans are everywhere in the world.

Saab 9-5 sportswear at dusk
Saab 9-5 sportswear at dusk

Today I got a link to “Life with Saab”. The headline of “Life with Saab” is just great:

"A blog fueled by enthusiasm about Saab, the greatest car company between the North and the South Pole. And their cars, which is probably the only cars that would start on a cold and crispy South Pole morning. ” Not exactly humble, but a big heart for Saab. A brand with such fans has to live.

Let us come to the sad reality. SWAN released the inevitable quarterly report yesterday. In the last three months, 138 millions of € have accumulated as a quarterly loss. No surprise if you do not build cars. The press is gray this week in gray and positive colorful swabs are missing.

At least almost. In the US, a major retailer has invested 3.5 million dollars in a new Saab showroom this year. He currently has unbelievable 110 Saab in stock and sells a good dozen Saabs or more each month to the US Saab community. Deep in their hearts, the US retailers believe in Saab, the article tells us. The complete story is available Forbes.

Do the German dealers and fans also believe in Saab? They do it, also very deep in the heart. However, it is time that faith is rewarded. We are waiting for good news. Because for many fans it is time for a new car. By the way, too. Actually I wanted to buy 2011 a new Saab for me, the 9-5 should have been sold. For many well-known reasons, it did not work, so the 9-5 got a makeover.

But in the spring it really should happen, now I want a new car for good. So Saab should please turn on the tapes, because the change of scenery is urgent. Until the spring, so long enough patience. 😉

The last few days have not always gone badly. At least for the “other” Saab brand, things are looking good. Switzerland buys 22 new Saab. Not from Trollhättan, but they are Saab JAS 39 Gripen. The Swedish product thus outperforms the Eurofighter and the French competitor. Thanks to Gigi for the tip.

In Sweden, it's time for decisions. Tomorrow is a new day and new information is promised.


One thought on "Saab day: Saabs for Switzerland, the blogger and the USA"

  • Hello Tom

    I also welcomed our state government's decision to buy the SAAB Gripen with pleasure. The CEO of the General Motors Company is Daniel Akerson. Say: He has Swedish roots. If that's not a good omen for the car manufacturer from southern Sweden…. I firmly hope that it will start soon in Trollhättan.
    After all, we would like to see the SAAB vehicles at the Geneva Motor Show and then sales will start ...
    Thank you for your great info.

    Greetings from Switzerland

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