Saab News: Youngman provides liquidity

It is the local TTELA, which is always very well informed. The newspaper from Trollhättan reports that today Saab Investor is providing Youngman funds. Very good news for the employees. Salaries could then be paid on Friday or Monday.

The buyers from China transfer money and they do so because they got the green light from the NDRC. There is some skepticism from IF Metal, as Youngman had already announced the transfer once and had been stopped by Beijing at the last minute.

Whatever, we'll know soon. My mailbox got interesting mails from different sources in the last few hours. Among them information about the famous Victor Muller Deal. I'm afraid I have to call first.


5 thoughts on "Saab News: Youngman provides liquidity"

  • I've been following this site for some time now because I'm very interested in Saab's survival. But I think that Tom sees the whole thing a bit too flowery.
    It's about hard-hitting interests and as soon as Chinese are involved, everything that we Europeans understand as business conduct is suspended.
    I can understand the media hype of VM, because he probably has come to understand what plan the Chinese are pursuing.
    Whatever the outcome, the damage is already so great that I fear the worst for Saab.

  • If the Chinese take over completely, is VM away from the window, or am I mistaken? For me, a matter of time until he is gone. Otherwise, there is just a bankruptcy and bankruptcy estate, from which will again use the Chinese or another automaker in the world. I suspect that there are enough others waiting for it. Mr Piech wants to have so many brands under his roof and Scania he already has, so the logo.

    For the procedure of VM there are very clear words: Unprofessional. Communicating via SMS with journalists or even with business partners, what is that? Every professional knows that few words can be misunderstood very quickly, and a text message is always high-risk, especially with journalists, because misunderstandings can not be clarified. So there should be time for an e-mail ...

  • The Saab story is now taking the form of a tragic comedy ... We have all kinds of characters for it ... A megalomaniac Dutchman, a group of Chinese investors (who only want good things and are stuck in negotiations) and a fan base that is now thinning (one side continues to believe firmly in Saab, the other one has given up and sees no future) ... Only a few eunuchs are missing who are ridiculous (GM would fit this role perfectly) ...

    Ultimately, I hope and believe that the story will finally have a “happy ending” and that new models will roll off the production line in the future

  • I hope that this untenable situation finally comes to an end and Saab comes in calm waters. I hope for positive news from you every day!

  • if this money comes just like the innumerable announcements made by youngman in recent months, it will probably be dark for the employees of saab.

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