Saab Stockholm: patience, patience, patience ...

Yesterday was a bad day in the media. The divergent interests of the parties involved lead to a war being fought over by the media. The Saab community and the brand are suffering. And today I come with that patience word.

But patience is the current motto that is important to us. Things are still moving and they are moving in the right direction. The current media skirmish in Sweden is one thing. Lofalk and Muller have different ideas about the future of Saab, according to which the press will be provided with information.

The other thing is the ongoing negotiations with Youngman, Pang Da, GM and a third party, which are closing very slowly and cautiously. How exactly the binding solution will look like can not be published at the moment. I, too, would like a bit more speed, which would be good for all our nerves.

Saab deserves to finally land in safe waters. When I write Saab, I mean not only Trollhättan, but also the community and traders in Germany. Because the commitment and the passion for the brand have been very big in the last few months.

So let's stay strong and calm. Let's wait and see what happens in Sweden, we are well trained in that. 😉


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  • The true background and who was involved will probably only learn when everything has gone. As I see it, everything goes right to the last minute.

    Tom will, as I've met him on the tour, provide us with no background information before a Go comes from SAAB from Sweden. Tom, keep up the good work and stay true to your style!

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    Why is VM hovering around with a new plan in the background (maybe even “on the air” tomorrow) when, on the other hand, Youngman-Lotus / Pang Da and the third party are moving towards closing with GM?

    There are questions here - which should actually be answered. Many interested people would certainly like to
    Find out what's behind the idea of ​​VM and, of course, who the mysterious third party is.

    Should the whole thing with GL come to a positive end, VM would still have an honorable place in SAAB history. There is no way he needs to worry about his previous recognition and merits - maybe he is a little worried in this regard and is currently reacting too impulsively for this reason ...

    Greetings from Hamburg


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    Thank you very much from me. Should the 3rd partner give SAAB wings - it was already considered some time ago …….

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    Hi Tom,

    Thank you very much for the bright spot in such gloomy days. I fully agree with you and hope for a lucky knack of all involved. Slowly, the situation probably goes down so much to the nerves.

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    Thank you for your great and above all quiet words!
    I can't wait any longer… to find out more about the “third player”.
    Patience ... you can actually describe the year 2011 at Saab with one word ...
    Patience. I hope 2012 really starts !!!


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