Saab CEO Victor Muller at Skavlan

My Mac had a break last night. Because, quite frankly, the recording for the TV show was produced yesterday and I didn't want to spoil the evening after the media missteps of the past few days. For all of you who are eagerly waiting for what Muller said, there is an all-clear. Because there were no scandals, but also no sensations.

Several Swedish newspapers provided information about what Muller had to say. In principle, there was nothing that would surprise us. Yes, he has debts with Vladimir Antonov and yes, the situation at Saab is extremely critical. How the agreement with the investors and the third party is going out, the Muller has not revealed, since he does not know so far.

Everything is peaceful and I think Muller played his part well. Because dealing with media, the man from Holland good. In my opinion, he is a media professional. All the more surprising is his statement on Saabsunited, where he gives the following explanation of his legendary exclusive interview on Teknikens Värld.

"50% of what I said so far. What did I say? No wonder, he could not take notes because he was carrying his luggage into the plane."

So 50% wrong and the other half… .ups. So what, Victor 😉

Good, but it's good. At Saabsunited I end up on the blacklist and the days meant a commentator in Frankfurt I get banned from the house. Now I'm close.

Sponge over it, everyone has a bad day. Also Victor Muller.


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  • After the somewhat ambiguous statements made in the last few days, I honestly had some reservations about the Skavlan broadcast. But find that VM has done well on Skavlan, even though he could not say anything really new, of course. In any case, was in any way in any way negative to Saab or even to GM or Lofalk or the Kinesian partners.

  • Yes, after all that was read today, it probably didn't say anything too exciting. At least there is something funny on TV a little later with the 'heute-show' 🙂

  • “At Saabsunited I end up on the black list and a commenter said the days in Frankfurt I am banned from the house. Now I'm close. "

    What is this punishment for?

    The “black list” might be one thing ... but the house ban?

  • but if it really went that way and he's a media professional, then he must have had an extremely bad day and the reporter had an extremely bad memory. For my taste a bit much Murphy's Law ...

  • Thanks Tom!
    After “patience”, “waiting” has a great chance of being named the bad word of the year by the SAAB community.

  • We are waiting for information. Nothing new so far ... 🙁

  • You have humor. Well written, at least what to smile in this dramatic situation.

  • But he does not have to speak in every mic that gets under his nose!

    Is there anything new about yesterday's announced payments from YM? Came, what else is coming? Or was that it?

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