Saab negotiations Stockholm - update

The Saab weekend is not boring, that's clear. The situation is very serious, but there are some positive signals about good friends. It is reported that Youngman's share of Saab Automobile AB is reasonably less high than desired by the Chinese.

Sources report below 20%, which would meet GM requirements. It is also unclear whether Pang Da, the big car dealer, will continue to be on board. It may be that in the future Pang Da will only take over distribution in China without holding shares in Saab.

That would mean the following. A new, not yet publicly named partner who does not come from China comes in and plays an important role. Also, some could stay with Victor Muller or SWAN. Or any other company that is close to Muller. I did not want to reveal these details yet.

The information is largely congruent with some articles in the Swedish press and with some hints that have been made to me in the last few days. Saab fan and blog reader Marcus is pleased, because the latest development bears more of the signature of Muller than Lofalk.

Joking aside, in any case, the signals are much friendlier than even before 24 hours. That's good for Saab, for the employees and all of us. As always, we are waiting for GM.

Updates follow when something moves in Stockholm.


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    ... it would be interesting who the 3rd is ... we will see

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