Saab Stockholm Update: New proposal, new chance

The negotiating parties in Stockholm have agreed on a new, hopefully viable proposal on the Saab shareholder structure. The parties, Youngman, Pang Da, Guy Lofalk and Victor Muller have passed this compromise on to General Motors.

In addition to Pang Da and Youngman, another party arrives, which is not supposed to come from China. Hopefully the third Saab partner was carefully selected. Because the time of the experiments is over, now everything has to work. The decision lies again, at GM in Detroit and the negotiations continue over the weekend.


6 thoughts on "Saab Stockholm Update: New proposal, new chance"

  • It is now clear that Mr. Lafok has speculated and his left-hand drive was a dead end, the SAAB has endangered more than the actions of VM in the months before.
    To propose such a thrust in the knowledge of the contracts with GM certainly has nothing to do with “doing a good job”.
    How one can see the salvation of Chinese as an saab enthusiast in an 100% acquisition will never be revealed to me.
    100% owned by the chinese and i'll never buy a new saab - i don't buy japanese cars either.
    I am curious about the role backwards of some here, should the current proposal from vm bring the solution and rescue ...

    • Unfortunately, other financially strong investors besides the Chinese side have not yet come out - it is therefore very important that the Chinese continue to be there with open arms.

      To always reject these financially strong investors without being able to name financially strong people in the background is also not open to me - I am very curious who this great new and hopefully especially financially strong shareholder should be!


    • But the Chinese have been doing more for Saab than GM over the last few months, and mine
      Lofalk has not speculated on view, he just assumed that GM is a serious
      Negotiating partner is, as for example in the matter Volvo and Jaguar also no
      Fear that know how is going to China or India, it turns out anyway
      Question which GM USA know-how is unique on the world market …… ..

  • The fact is that this Mr. Lafolk and the Chinese have speculated massively and their cold takeover but once really went into the pants! In addition, this led to a large temporal shift and thus to the current situation.
    Thank God, there is a vm, otherwise it would already be over!
    as far as I am concerned, he can appear in his swimming trunks - he is still bigger than all the others!
    of course he's a self-promoter - so what? our politics consists only of such people and it is probably not entirely alien to any of us, otherwise we would not have to come out on the internet and express our opinion.
    Anyone else would have run away for a long time and had brought his sheep to the dry.
    he made mistakes - no doubt about it, but he more than makes up for it with many other things.

    • Actually, I do not care if Lofalk is liked or not. In my eyes, he does a good job and I wonder if I have speculated.

      EGAL, it is important that now all together pull the cart out of the mud and that it goes on SAAB.

  • Well, then I'm hoping again ... !?

    I've looked at the interview of VM on TV ....
    The VM can sell or present itself well, if it wants - came without glasses and a pinstripe suit, but in a casual, elegant “country look” and “had a nice chat”.

    Interestingly, I found the statement that he has almost always lived on the pump and is good in it (freely translated and interpreted).

    Something unobjective ... but I somehow do not like collar-uppers (whether polo or jacket collars) ....

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