Saab Lage Sweden: The solution!

Update: 19: 25 / 20: 24

It is not official yet. In Sweden, it is already through the press and a friend told me on the phone. GM still has to agree to the proposal. Most importantly, wages should be paid on Monday.

Saab Investor Youngman will probably take less than 20%, an international bank will step in and take over the shares originally intended for Pang Da. It is not yet known which bank it is, Several sources now call the Bank of China as a new Saab investor. The financial institution will definitely solve another Saab problem, I was told. The annoying EIB credit, which has taken the car maker in every way the air and has stifled any entrepreneurial freedom, will be replaced. Also, the non-voting preference shares that are in the GM owned, should be delivered to the financial institution.

Still, these details are not confirmed, but if the announcement comes true, Saab finally takes a big step towards the future.

In principle, the solution is similar to the one that was originally planned for in the summer, but the car dealer Pang Da is missing. The new investors are around 50% of the shares - if SWAN would keep shares in return, the stock exchange on Monday would be interesting. But that's speculation first. In any case, Saab's new business plan is finally taking effect. Several 100 million euros will be invested in Trollhättan.

In any case, the way seems clear and until a Saab press release and all confirmed, we can sometimes sip champagne or champagne carefully.

Good news, a good day for us and Saab. The new Saab week will hopefully be a better one than the last, last week.


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  • Other sources say that the Swedish government continues to shoot cross-country. GL has probably played a rather inglorious role for Saab and is currently unreachable.
    The bank is probably not the “Bank of China” but according to VM “a bank from China”.
    So it is probably too early to celebrate, as much as we wish.

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    if the eib loan is replaced, the swedish government should have no direct influence on the deal, right?

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    If what is mentioned on other blogs is really true, a coming obstacle seems to be the opaque Swedish government ...

    It must not be true that these opaque people want to stab their own compatriots in the back - but here something seems to be planned in this direction.

    Where is the opposition? Are they all so weird guys?

    Swedish press and public attention: Here something stinks to the sky !!!

    Julie from Schleswig-Holstein

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    That's finally good news. Although you can read the following at

    "Next week two things needs to happen for this last and probably final attempt at saving Saab to succeed. GM needs to accept the new arrangement and the employees at Saab need to get paid the November wages. Or else a bankruptcy might be the only outcome for Saab. "

    Accordingly, GM has not yet agreed. So do not be too euphoric. I have already seen horses puke. Anyway, I head the champagne only when everything is official.

    Maybe I'm just too pessimistic. But pessimists are known to be happier than optimists: it usually gets better than you think

    But I do not want to forget to thank Tom. What is working on this blog is already impressive. I have not found any other source that provides so much information. Thanks Tom!


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    It would be nice if the drama had really reached the fifth act ... with a positive outcome.

    Bottle is left cold, but not yet beheaded.

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    The thumbs slowly ache from pressing ...

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    The bank is Bank of China.

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      Not bad 🙂

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      That would be impressive. A bank of this size, it could not be better 🙂

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    SWAN: 50,1%
    International Bank: 29,9%
    Youngman: 19,9%

    This is what i saw 0.% is missing ...

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      Thanks Lars! Is a nice day today! Greetings to Sweden !

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      0,1% is missing it should be natural :-)

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        0,1% gets Tom :-p

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          Good idea !

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    The solution! oh that sounds wonderful - certainly also for the best garage in Switzerland - the Aaretal garage in Münsingen - which has kept me mobile since March - while waiting for my new 9-3 Griffin !! Thanks Tom! Greetings from Switzerland

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      If this is not a nice Sunday evening. The last weeks, even months were very disturbing. Not only because of the super cars, I drive a 9-5 Combi. Especially because of the many jobs in Sweden and of course in Switzerland. I also bought my Saab from one of the best Saab garages in Uster, small but nice.
      Hopefully we can enjoy the champagne after the cold, enjoy.
      Best regards, Emil

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    Let's go Saab 🙂 This is better than Xmas and birthday together 🙂
    Thanks Tom for your good coverage.
    Greetings Yves

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