Saab and the end of the road

After my day was hectic and busy yesterday, I wanted to ignore the bad signs from Trollhättan. It didn't help. New day, same situation. Guy Lofalk, the administrator, is considering canceling the reconstruction. His clear and simple statement "..we are running out of money."

The situation has unfortunately become very difficult, no money comes from Youngman, no decision from GM. The administrator also has certain rules to follow. In my eyes, Lofalk goes quite far and risks a lot for Saab. But since no funds are within reach, he will make a decision in the next few days.

This statement has been published through several Swedish channels, both radio and press. There is no confirmed date on which Lofalk intends to recommend the demolition of the bondholders.

The parties still have a final deadline to reach an agreement. Guy Lofalk is frankly tired of the quarrels. Hugenholtz's letter was counterproductive and inappropriate. I think it helped the administrator in the decision to end puppet theater in Sweden.

If you look from outside on the situation in Saab, I mean from Germany, so you think that some parties have only their own profit, but not the good of the car maker on the agenda. Therefore, the warning shot by Lofalk is to be welcomed.

Last chance, then the lights go out. Hopefully you will hear the warning and take the signals. Victor Muller, the Chinese and the men in Detroit can only lose if Saab goes bankrupt. For Muller it is about the existence, for the others by a few hundred million euros and the image.

Then they have a common ground with us. Because we, the fans, the employees and the suppliers have been on the losing side for months.

Hard words, sure. But the truth,


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    @ Joachim

    The products mentioned by you also play in a different price league, pursue a completely different target group. As far as the example is unfit. Not everything was rosy at Volvo, was not said. Unlike SAAB, Volvo has more or less satisfactory sales figures.

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    I would also find it a shame if SAAB would go bankrupt after all ...
    For me a new vehicle is due next year and I would also very much like to get a SAAB again ...
    Let's wait for the next hours, days, weeks ...

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    Thankfully, the Saab stock has surfaced again on the screen!
    Thus, Saab is not yet away from the window!
    We love Saab, live Saab and stand by Saab, come what may!

    Greetings Bumblebee

  • I did not order a new car because I do not need it at the moment. My 9-3 station wagon is only 4 years old, is running great, and I have some years ago to enjoy this car. And in a few years I hope that it will be possible again and again a new Saab to buy . But how the Swedish government behaves in the case of Saab borders already strongly on sabotage. One may think of Mr. Muller what one wants, but Saab belongs to him once (still). The government obviously tries everything to get rid of him instead of cooperating with him. Just keep in mind that for months the information on the entry of Antonov was concealed. Well, as we know now, nothing but trouble came out, but a lot of valuable time was wasted. Also in the time before Muller when GM begged in Sweden as well as in Germany for Opel, for Saab for bridging funds with the governments, came in response from Sweden an immediate and strict no. I'll just say: Germany has not hurt the fact that many thousands of jobs have been preserved at Opel, and as far as I know, Opel or GM has since repaid all debts. In contrast to the many banks that have been pumping huge sums of money and not much of it back in Sweden, they do not seem to need the payroll tax of a few thousand Saab workers and subcontractors, but pay them taxes the remaining working population their unemployment benefit.

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    Hi Tom,

    You really do a good job and made sure that we were always up to date!
    Thank you!
    But what does it mean that the SWAN shares have disappeared from the screen?
    Has Saab died?
    I hope not!

    Greetings Bumblebee

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    I think that will not work anymore. Who is responsible for the situation of SAAB? Let's say the current management, whose primary task is to set up the company for the future.

    Since buying SAAB, the rules of the game have been clear, but you could not find an acceptable solution with or without a (desired) administrator. Whether the solution now issued is really 100% tuned and would be enforceable if approved? Who knows; So far, only the liability level of MOUs has been reached.

    That everyone else should be responsible, is a bit too easy for me.

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    What kind of tragedy is that? What kind of administrator is that, what kind of government is that making a company like Saab go under? If the Ministry of Economics intervened at the right time, the ribbons would run again today.
    I have the impression that the Swedish government is bowing - once again - to American pressure.

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      Yes, it's a tragedy. The administrator has (and must) follow certain rules of the game. Why should the Swedish government keep an automaker on the drip that, based on experience, cannot be expected to operate profitably? If the Ministry of Economic Affairs had done what, please, at the right time - sunk tax money?

      The reality is bitter, there will probably be no way around getting used to the idea that there will be no new Saab. Everything else is glossing over….

      For example, who has ordered a new car?

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        Based on experience, GM has failed with SAAB for many years - that's the reality. The opinion that a so-called profitable company cannot be expected here is also not the opinion of the general public.

        Even GM was supported with billions in America to get back on its feet - even there the till was empty before.

        Your comment is actually completely wrong - a true SAAB fan sees it differently!


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          GM and Saab are history, no, not quite, as we know. The view of the general public would interest me, especially who is the general public - it consists of those who manage the situation as it likes to be or of those who have a trace of emotionality with a good measure of common sense and a have coupled a realistic assessment of the situation. To the last group I count myself and truly, your omissions about the meaningfulness of my utterance = dream on. And purely in terms of market economy, it should be mentioned that SAAB cannot exist from non-buying SAAB fans.

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        The love of SAAB drivers for their cars may have been fatal to the brand. While BMW and Audi drivers swap their cars (probably for image reasons) for the latest model of the brand all 3-4 years, SAAB drivers drive their cars up to 10 years ago. Great loyalty, but less sales than other brands.

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          This is also understandable and goes well as long as you always win new buyers. Sadly, with new buyers of SAAB automobiles, that unfortunately did not work out. The consequences are known. I used to drive my Volvos approx. 5 years and 100.000 km, the cycle was relatively stable. Volvo has succeeded with some models successfully to win new buyers.

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            Buying a new car every few years even works for Opel or Mitsubishi - but says nothing at all about the quality of vehicles.


            PS: Incidentally, Volvo had to be sold to China because on the plus side not everything was rosy - because of “successfully winning new buyers”.

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    Moin Tom, ...

    ... I'm starting to feel anxious again.
    The reading on the web about Saab makes the last few days once again no fun.

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    no tom, that's not the truth, but your opinion - just as mine is only my opinion.
    what has mr. lofalk brought that about? Nothing!
    his suggestions were unacceptable for gm, which had to be clear even in advance given the valid contracts.
    his current statement comes at a time when a new proposal is on the table at gm, to which there is obviously no answer from gm yet. The answer published yesterday referred to a preliminary suggestion to my knowledge.
    the suggestion is not his and therefore he behaves like a little boy ...
    This man is certainly anything but professional and has no realizable ideas. He promised the Chinese everything too soon and could not comply with any of them because contracts are just against it.
    but one thing is certain: lofalk earns a golden nose at saab, no matter how it ends.
    at vm i see it differently: he is at the moment the owner of saab and therefore naturally has a vital interest in saab and also in his possession. This is normal, traceable and logical, and it is grotesque to blame someone for fighting for his property.
    How would we act if we wanted to de-entate ourselves?

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      Dear Mark,

      Unfortunately, it's not about who did what. In the reconstruction rules apply. This has to follow Lofalk and he has done it the last months too. Likewise, his hands are tied, so he currently has little leeway. He has to break off.
      Clearly, if you want a reconstruction, you accept that you get an administrator - who has the last word. Muller knew that too and wanted it anyway.
      So please do not complain, even though I understand you very well. Pactae sunt servanda.

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      Hello Marcus,

      Unfortunately neither I nor you, nor Tom know the truth behind the whole theater. We only exchange our opinions and views here. Much of this is unfortunately based on speculation, because all but the SWAN press releases are all news on SAAB in the media just guesses.

    • Hi Marcus,

      must fully agree with you, this administrator has nothing in the row and lost in complete ignorance of the contracts only time. Super bad for Saab.
      He also struck VM in the back. If he had supported VM's suggestion at the time, it might already be dry - but no, he had to offer the Chinese 100% ...

      And as you wrote: The administrator gets always as the first his money from the bankruptcy estate!

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