Saab Update: Pang Da still talking

At the moment everything is waiting for Guy Lofalk. But he is silent. Since his announcement to end the reconstruction, peace has returned. That's good, because this gives the parties time to reconsider their positions. Sometimes it helps. Our car wholesaler Pang Da, almost believed lost, is still on board.

You get in touch via Reuters and you are still in conversation with Saab. That's good for Saab. Another manager is now leaving Trollhättan. Goran Ejbyfeldt, the successor to head of production Gunnar Brunius, takes off his hat after a short time. That is regrettable, but easy to understand.

In the Süddeutsche the events were enough for a short article about Saab and loyalty. Hope alone is not enough, says the newspaper. That's true.

Anyone who ended the day in front of the TV yesterday evening could read the N24 news ticker. “Bank of China joins Saab” could be read. Unfortunately it is false. Okay, the silver lemon goes to the TV station today. Even if I had liked the message, it would have been true.


One thought on "Saab Update: Pang Da still talking"

  • Hello dear Saab friends,

    Here's the main reason why GM makes life so hard for us:

    “General Motors and its joint ventures in China reported a 20.4 percent increase in domestic sales to post a November record of 237,130 vehicles delivered. It was the third-best sales month of 2011. "

    Do we really believe that GM will ever allow Saab to sell the 9-4x in China, for example?
    "Demand for the SRX, Cadillac's best-selling model in China, jumped 155.2 percent to 2,261 units in November."

    Still in the hope that somehow our favorite brand will continue, I wish you a nice evening,


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