The decision battle is approaching. Buy a Saab!

The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror
The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror

For months, the brand from Trollhättan determined a part of my day. I'm blogging for Saab, touring with Saab, and I'm suffering with Saab and the staff. For Saab, I have taken my vacation and hit me the nights around the ears. I am loyal, loyal to the brand. But that does not rule out that I see many things critically.

It now seems that we are nearing the end of a long road. It seems like a last minute rescue is still possible. Since I know Saab and the history of the brand quite well, I don't want to call that absurd. Probably just the pain and suffering has to be very high that the parties are ready to swallow smaller or larger toads.

Decisive battle!

It's the decision battle. The term "battle" is appropriate because it works with tricks and punches below the belt. Tough. The press and also the blogs are used for their own purposes, the term propaganda would be the right one.

For me, some of the parties have achieved credibility potential since Sunday, which is heading towards “0”, and certainly with some fans. Reports were deliberately spread, but expectations were disappointed.

Whatever happens, we only know one part. Even our very good contacts do not help. In Beijing you want Saab at almost any price. Contrary to reason, some 100 millions have been invested. Beijing will not give up Saab that fast. Or maybe the Chinese have a plan B.

The American side is even worse off. If you send Saab bankrupt, license money and the stately mountain of preferred shares are lost. There, too, there are some 100 million that are at stake. GM is an association of accountants. Losses and lost profits hurt, even in Detroit. If the lights go out in Sweden, GM will be the culprit. Whether that's true or not. The big buck goes to the Potomac, a little buck to Holland and Stockholm. Damage to the image of the European business, which is not on stable footing, is certain. And costs a lot of money in the medium term.

The role of Spyker, or Swedish Automobile, or should I say Victor Muller, is no better. This is not about enthusiasm for Saab, it's about tough self-interest. With borrowed money, he bought a manufacturer who urgently needed investment. Without strong partners in the background. A company with no chance. Let us forget Antonov. His pockets were never deep enough to fund Saab permanently. For Muller, it's about the “deal”. He means the “deal” of his life that he is now fighting for. It is legitimate. But Saab bears the damage.

The third, or better, the fourth party. They really do exist. I just have to look at the daily access list of the blog. All parties read along. Saab, General Motors, visitors from China and Russia. Of course, the legendary third party. My personal hope on the horizon. If Saab goes into bankruptcy, this party could save the location in Sweden. Because she is financially strong, needs no Chinese, no Dutch and certainly not technology from Detroit.

Just disaster, actually

Has Saab ended after the disaster of the past few weeks? No, the brand lives and it lives in different ways. Many Saab drivers have migrated and a new wave is currently announcing itself in daily emails. Unfortunately, I cannot counter this, because where are the arguments? Saab drivers who migrate always come back. Usually, an old, used Saab comes into the family as a third-party car or hobby object.

Saab mutates, at least in part, into a youngtimer brand. A friend of mine does the same. In the next few days we will be on the plane and get a young timer that will keep us both busy over the winter. I can not wait for it!

But it gets better. Because still, that's amazing in the fireworks of negative news, readers and fans want to order a new Saab. searches for new cars from Sweden every day. Keywords such as “order Saab”, “buy new Saab” or “when does the 9-5 estate car come” are used every day.

The traders will now probably cry in the eyes, the guys at Saab Germany and me anyway.

The investors will be happy to read this, the “third party” too, and if you want to know more in Beijing, you can send me an email ...

12 thoughts on "The decision battle is approaching. Buy a Saab!"

  • If you follow the hints in Tom's article a few months back, it can only be a German manufacturer with 2 letters, who owns a brand with the Griffin, which builds slightly larger cars in his huge brand collection

    • Ahhh ... okay would be a partner with whom you, or I, could live 🙂
      Because the Asians scare me a bit.

    • That would of course be a super interesting solution

  • Can someone give me a tip about the “4. Party ”? 🙂


    • At the moment I can only think of the Wallenberg family - one of the richest families in Sweden and the former SAAB founders.

      Of course, I could be wrong about that - in terms of financial strength, these people would be very well considered (they might even perform with the Chinese).

      In one direction or another - with regard to wealthy investors - something more is to come. If GM doesn't behave intelligently again….

      Greetings from Hamburg


      • Not an investor. I might think of a car company, FIAT has been interested several times. Tom writes “doesn't need Detroit technology”. But also writes “financially strong”. Damn 🙁 Then not, then maybe Renault or the PSA Group. That could fit.

  • Also from my side a sincere thanks for this good contribution!

  • Great contribution, as always! If SAAB goes, then Tom and the blog will go and honestly, we would miss you a lot! That would be sad and my life would be poorer

  • Hi Tom,
    great contribution! I just have one question. The “fourth party” would Saab take over after bankruptcy and then want to 'spice it up'? And how serious do you give this interest?
    We would rather have an order for a Saab today than tomorrow. We do not get rid of Saab so quickly, rather we buy a young used car. I think that others should at least have a little patience with emigration, as the decision gets closer and closer.

    • Hello dsc
      I see a great interest that has been shown for months and is repeatedly confirmed by different and independent sources. Of course, there is also gut feeling and intuition, but for Saab it would be a stable and serious solution. Unfortunately, the situation has gotten worse in recent months, they sold the plant for little money and pledged parts of the Phoenix platform. That does not make getting started easier.
      The finale is approaching, at least from today's perspective. I still have a cautious optimism!

  • A really great contribution Tom, thanks

    I would love to know who the unnamed investor is ... 😀

    The nice thing about my SAAB is what I only experienced again yesterday. I had an exhausting, stressful day at work, came home late, my tank was also empty and only leave bad news here, I got in and drove to refuel and go home. When I got home I was in a very good mood ... My 9-3 just manages to get my mood to a new high again and again. The comfortable seats, the whistling and hissing of the turbo ... That's why I love this brand so, that's why!

  • A great contribution! Now after 6 months of waiting, the time has finally come for me to have to order a new car,
    because the lease expires and can not be renewed.
    What to do??? A Saab gets so well not known, the planned emergency plan B-an insignia of GM-definitely not more !!! never in life more GM.
    Even if it hurts-now it's time to get a Chinese from Sweden-V70-forgive me!
    I hope that Saab has found a solution in the next 2 years and builds again cars that look like the new 95er etc.
    Then I'll come back-hopefully !!!

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