Saab crisis: No - we are not giving up! V 2.0

Once again, it's about the fight for Saab. With the request for demolition of the reconstruction, the fronts are clarified. The administrator Guy Lofalk resigns and is no longer involved in the further development. Which is good, because so far it was not working with each other, but against each other.

Now it's up to Victor Muller to take Saab to the safe harbor. He has time until December 16, then the court in Vänersborg decides. The parties will be heard and Saab will also give an opinion. In the meantime, Muller's “Plan C” could be ready for signature. In Stockholm there is hard negotiation between Muller and Rachel Pang von Youngman.

Youngman has proven to be a good partner over the last few months and has fulfilled all obligations. The Chinese would undoubtedly immediately provide the money for wages. However, only the contracts have to be right.

While Lofalk establishes and defends his demolition in the Swedish press, other things are moving behind the scenes. Swedish friends talk about a model, which should work without the approval of GM, the government or the EIB. It is a little more radical than the solution I suggested earlier this morning, but it might work! Recent media reports do not quite accurately portray the development, just as an indication to anyone reading the Swedish press.

If it succeeds, then Muller has delivered us his masterpiece. Until then we have to wait, but the definitive deadline is the 16. December.

Almost as good as a Saab: Bloggers Liesel
Almost as good as a Saab: Bloggers Liesl

Until then, maybe everyone should look for a job that spares the nerves and makes sense. I was traveling with my tractor today and was surprised by several hailstorms. A pretty wet affair.

Incidentally, my tractor is also from a brand that was too good for this world. Built in Aschaffenburg near Güldner in 1956, it has returned to its old homeland a few years ago. Since I brought him back on Lake Constance from Lake Constance, he has been mowing my meadows and is not too bad for any work. In addition, it (actually a you with the name "Liesl") is still extremely reliable, because its builders have not installed any parts, only the best.

If that was not good enough, then you designed and built it yourself, as it once was at Saab. Which brings us back to the topic.

More news will follow ...


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    ... I would like to ask the following question on the subject of “everything used to be better” and the discussion of what a real Saab is and which genes it has to have:
    Was Saab better and “more real” in the past, when the engines came from Ford (V4) and from (Standard) Triumph? Not even the mega-corporations in the industry build all the components themselves - why should it - and then how should a small company (long years before GM almost still a manufacture) like Saab do it.
    It always depends on the finished product; the GM - V6 in my 9.3 Aero CV (with Hirsch fresh cell treatment) is simply awesome, so it was the 4-cyl. Turbo with 225 hp in my 9000 Aero a few years ago.
    The list of my Saab is long: 9000 CC / 9000 CC 2,3 / 9000CS 2,3 / 9000 CS Aero / 9.5 SE / 9.5 Kombi / 9.5 Kombi Aero Hirsch and parallel to this 900 2.3 CV / 9.3 SE CV Hirsch and currently 9.3 2,8 , 90 Aero Hirsch CV - unfortunately there was no new station wagon; after a total write-off in a crash through no fault of my own, I didn't feel like having the same car again - it turned out to be an XC9.4, which I would like to swap into a XNUMX X at some point.
    As far as my Saab story - and every car had something very special, something special, it was absolutly Saab-like.
    I always think it's great when colleagues and acquaintances stand in front of my car and say: "What kind of strange box are you driving, for the money you get a ......"
    I don't want to bore you, dear Saab fans, but you already notice that I could continue writing for hours ... .. that's just (almost) only with Saab.
    Best regards,

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    For months, the real SAAB dealers are empty-handed and can only see how other brands sell cars. Honestly, all my respect. But they are up to their necks in the water. But you should not be blinded by a round trip through Germany. For many months, the dealer has been standing in the rain by SAAB and eventually the air goes out. Other brands would already be dead. How many lights should dealer / customer supposedly see. So slowly it is just a tragedy. All SAAB drive with me, but at some point this thing is finally!

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    What are we actually mourning here?

    There was always the idle discussion until when a SAAB was a real SAAB.
    Even with my SAAB 900 GLi Bj. 83 I was dubbed "no longer real" by Erftkreislers.
    But at the latest since their own engine plant was closed and therefore not even the heart of SAAB itself, Trollhättan has become a soulless assembly hall.
    Certainly they are great new cars, but none of this has anything to do with the spirit, the tangible and tangible spirit of SAAB, where the slogan “Form follow Funtion” was not a phrase but a requirement.
    Let's grieve for what we've been and remember, but let's not fool ourselves with the community workers of the time.
    I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a healthy, peaceful New Year

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      Do not think that's the topic here. It's about the survival of the last small manufacturer in Europe. Where the engines come from is completely irrelevant and also what any supporters say about the cast iron fraction. This strange discussion of what a true SAAB is, that is total nonsense.

      I like my old 900 and my 9-3. I care about the future and the development of the next years. SAAB should get the chance the company deserves. Nothing more and nothing less.

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        When it comes to the survival of small European manufacturers, we can not get out of mourning.
        But when it comes to buying a special product, there must be an idea, a basic idea, perhaps even a conviction behind it.
        Otherwise it's something soulless.
        And there's enough of that (a quote from Einnar Hareide)

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          In the past, many things were nicer and more practical (or sometimes impractical but still somehow nice). I do think that SAAB has retained its idiosyncratic spirit, as well as it was under the difficult conditions. And if it goes on: maybe there will be the chance to become Saabian again (GM and SAAB were mentally incompatible ...)

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            You almost dare not hope, but of course it would be possible.
            There are sure to be fans and buyers who have Saabian aspirations and who do not "care" what is packed.
            It would not have to be as bizarre and backward-looking as Morgan's, but it should be something against the unfortunate zeitgeist or mainstream.
            Confusable and Rundgelutschtes's yes enough.
            Tom may agree with me - an I-Saab or Saab-Mac (not the one to eat) would be something.
            Some of the recent studies have gone in that direction.
            Paired with new technology - perhaps even with a certain reduction - valuable in and of itself.
            In earlier years, Saab often made a virtue not only out of necessity, but mostly also something ingenious.
            This spirit would have to emerge again.

            Look, who will wake him up and if we get something for Christmas.

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            Recently, a colleague put it in a nutshell why people always add this “everything was better in the past”:
            Simple: in the past, those who say that were younger!
            Today they are no longer - it's that simple.

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            Dear martinsaab

            Apparently you didn't quite understand my explanations, but not what SAAB has always differentiated from other car manufacturers.
            Of course, not everything was better in the past (regardless of how young we were), but some things were just GOOD.
            And it is precisely the “normality” prescribed by GM or other newcomers that was SAAB's coffin nail.

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    I can fully underline your comment - only that we are dealing with a 9-5 station wagon, which should be exchanged for a new vehicle in the next 3-4 years if possible (but it would also play longer if necessary - stop SAAB)!


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    I think great, your Güldner-Liesel; they still exist, the things that you can rely on. Know yourself the driving bulldog of a friend very well (location Übersee am Chiemsee).
    Many well-known brands with unbelievable potential have already disappeared from the market because unscrupulous financial jugglers who are focused on short-term profit lacked a sense of the essentials and, above all, an understanding of the special brand, for the lived tradition of the company. Examples that come to my mind so spontaneously are Borgward, NSU, Maybach, the traditional English brands including MG, Rover, Riley, Triumph, Vanden Plas and many others !!! Sometimes political interests got in the way, other companies went on strike by the unions (England and Italy in the 1970s).
    All these negative examples should be a reminder to those in charge who are now involved with Saab!
    Let's hope together that it still comes to a positive result; also there are some examples in the history of the automobile (BMW was also completely at the end and was close to bankruptcy !!!)
    I would love to drive my 9.3 Aero V6 Cabrio MY 2006 (mileage 99700) for many years to come, but if there was a successor… .. let's see.

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      Hello Turboelch,
      Borgward is currently facing a return. The grandson of company founder Carl Borgward, Christian Borgward has founded Borgward AG in Switzerland and wants to build new Borgwards there. The chief designer is Einar J. Hareide, who was in Saab services until not so long ago

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