Disaster. The Saab crisis in Germany and the fans

The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror
The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror

In the beginning, the Saab crisis was virtual and none of us could have guessed that there would be no replenishment of new cars from Trollhättan for months. In the meantime everything has changed, nothing is as it was. The Saab crisis has reached fans and retailers. With the bad news of the past few days, the complete disaster became visible.

My mailbox is full, which is now normal. Which makes me happy, since Monday I have received e-mails from readers with whom I have not yet been in contact. I read all emails very carefully, just answering them is currently not feasible. The current mood can be derived from the emails, which also come from Saab dealers. What can we learn from this?

The American manufacturer GM can no longer get a foothold in the Saab community. Whether the US veto was justified or not, the damage to the company's image is there. GM should have packaged and justified all actions better. You missed the chance to gain sympathy. That is going to have consequences. Saab drivers are very often decision-makers too. You are self-employed or in management positions. Products from Rüsselsheim or Korea GM products will no longer be on the selection list under these circumstances.

Opel and GM no thanks!

The managing director of a medium-sized company, Saab driver for many years, wrote me a long email. His company maintains a larger Opel fleet, which he constantly renews. From next year on, he will gradually replace his GM products with products from the VW Group. He writes his money, he has to earn hard every day and he is responsible for jobs and families. The Saab Drama 2009 already made him think, now it's time to part with GM and Opel. Literally “social incompetence should not be rewarded…” Thanks.

No matter how the Saab drama goes out. For GM, it has gone this way or so stupid again. The damage will be considerable.

Because, the Saab drivers are still more than loyal. Saab is much more than a car brand. Saab is also a community experience and you don't just let your family down. Company car drivers in particular are migrating because leasing has long ended or because this year has to be invested for tax reasons. But they go, as one reader wrote, "on time". They'll be back in two or three years.

The loyalty can not be shaken by the closure of some dealerships at the end of the year. The 31.12 is the date on which some partners catch the flag. These are long-term decisions that were made in early summer. Now they are visible. Clarity comes with the new dealer list being worked on.

I had hoped that at the end of the year one or the other company would reconsider the decision. But with the bad news behind me, that was just one of my desires. Saab Germany is working very specifically to fill in the gaps and when good news finally comes from Sweden we will be able to welcome new partners to Saab. Because there are companies that see a future for Saab if the economic conditions in Trollhättan are right.


Traders who move away are no reason to change the brand. This is almost representative, because all mails this week have almost identical statements. Saab riders accept to drive 20 or 30 kilometers more and want to support the Saab partners.

This is a strong signal that traders should also know. Because the operation depends on the capacity of the workshop. We have a lot to thank the dealers for over the past few months. Some spare parts are scarce and I know that some companies help each other out.

But the blog not only writes the positive view of things, sometimes the gray reality gets the blogger in as well.

But then no loyalty and no good will help. For a family member, a new car is due and the former must urgently be replaced. The matter can not be postponed. As hard as it gets, it will not become a Saab, there's nothing really going on now. All discussion and argument is meaningless.

Another brand that will be bought soon.

After all, the new car is not bought anywhere. A Saab dealer, whom I met on the dealer tour and also runs a different brand, is said to deliver.

Our small contribution to solidarity.

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    A short word about the Saab aficionados is allowed: unfortunately, the company Saab, should they still exist in the middle future, can not live solely on the passionate encouragement of the blogger community in Germany. I follow these pages from the beginning every day and am really surprised how much passion and brand loyalty is expressed here.
    I would also have liked to lease a 9-5, for example, but that's how it has now become a product from Munich - I have to drive and can no longer take part in the ups and downs in Trollhättan. What remains is our 9-3 convertible that will hopefully last a long time and keep the memory of the “good old days” as long as possible.
    That passion also creates suffering is well known, but it should not obscure the view of what is economically necessary. Only the producer who can sell or deliver goods can survive.
    The proof that this general insight has arrived at our Swedish friends, is unfortunately still today
    failed to materialize.

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    In Leizig there is a nice SAAB dealer who also runs Jaguar. A great car (comes right after SAAB). A real alternative! Can we convince ourselves at the moment, since we acted already before 3 months. A great car for individualists. When does a Jaguar ever come to meet you?

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      Very common if you live on the border with Switzerland

      On the other hand, SAAB, Volvo and Alfa Romeo are relatively rarely represented here ... The ranking corresponds to the same order.

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    if you were to buy a saab 9/5 now ...
    are the replacement parts ensured?
    is the warranty ensured?

    Who knows that?

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      The spare parts are secured by the Saab Parts AB, but at the moment some parts are difficult to deliver. No matter how the situation goes, the spare parts business will improve. Even in the worst case, the Parts AB is taken over by investors who are already queuing up. I am openly questioned with warranty questions because I am not Saab. 😉

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        > At the moment some parts are difficult to deliver.
        I was also told when I wanted to have a defective fan motor in the 93 replaced. Part was ordered, but the message came that it was currently not available ... 5 or 6 days later it was there - and there was a weekend in between. So basically normal delivery times.

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      Theoretical spare parts supply is still guaranteed for years, but in practice it does not work anymore. Two self-experienced examples:

      - an update for the navigation system of my 9-3 is not available,

      - Weeks ago my Saab workshop did not receive a new petrol pump from Sweden and installed a replacement product.

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    However, there is a problem with the solidarity with the dealer ... In addition to SAAB, many dealers only sell GM products and that should also be noticeable in the future selection of cars ... So it depends very much on whether SAAB survives or not ...

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      That's the way it is…
      If Saab does not survive, the compassionate look of my Saab dealer, who at the same time distributes Opel will probably be more compassionate.
      But that is bearable, after all, our Saab is only one year old. For the one year old we even got mail from our dealer: Congratulations on the one year old of your ... Opels !! ??

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        You can only laugh about it (ironically, the current 95 / 93I / etc. Are based on Opel platforms) 😉 Sponge about it ... Personally, I mean a *** when I think about my trusty 93I from 2012 in no big city is allowed to ...
        So far you can still wait, but you can't put off that forever either ...

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