Saab Crisis: How Victor wants to save Muller Saab

How blogging works. About good joy in Sweden, mostly from Stockholm or from the direct Saab environment, information comes to Germany by phone or email. I check this information with the three major Swedish daily newspapers, most of the time the information is almost 100% identical. The sensitive, confidential part of the news is left out, the message goes on the blog. This principle has been working well for months. Except for the last Sunday, on the day there was a "duck" on for the first time.

The TTELA in Trollhättan today gave readers insight into Victor Muller's plans. The plan is, if you take a closer look very well and realistic except for two small weaknesses duchaus. Muller has learned in the crisis. The motto, not to win in a battle that can not be won, he has noticed. Therefore, Muller or Saab will not invest with GM and change the ownership structure at Saab.

Youngman and a bank from China are expected to finance the ongoing business over the next few months and years and are talking about 500 million. The EIB loan is to be replaced. Thus, securities that are recoverable are free. The profitable spare parts business, patents, tools, real estate. The collateral for the loan could also be provided through the issue of preference shares or convertible bonds. Details are not known yet.

No approval from Detroit is needed, not even from Stockholm. The contracts for the license production remain, because the ownership structure remains untouched. Saab 9-5 sports car and Saab 9-4x could then roll 2012 also on German roads. The whole thing will only then round, look at the other connections.

In Sweden, there is still the development company owned by Saab and Youngman, where millions of dollars are being invested from China. There, the new Saab are to be developed. The small types for us in Europe, the big Saab preferably for the Chinese market. This would mean that we would invest more than a billion euros over the next few years.

The plan sounds good against this background, the construction is consistent. But as written at the beginning, this idea also has two weak points.

First, the time factor is a problem. Next week, the court in Vänersborg, Saab, wants to make a clear and informed statement for the future. Letters of intent will not be enough. Signed contracts or guarantees must be on the table.

The other factor is in Beijing. The NDRC needs to approve businesses and foreign investments on this scale. Whatever Beijing may think, a forecast is impossible. Even the time factor is an open question with this mammoth authority.

Muller's plan is an option. The will of all concerned is there, otherwise Rachel Pang of Youngman would not have permanently pitched the tents in Stockholm.

What happens in the next few days is very exciting. A solution would be good. As quickly as possible.


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  • The first Victor Muller plan that is not size-conscious. As described here in connection with the development company, it sounds good. Finally one speaks about real sums. Antonov's 100 millions were downright grotesque for the car industry. We will know more soon.

  • None of this really convinces me, once again far too many unknowns and, unfortunately, wishful thinking. No syllable about the November salaries, which are due for December soon ......

  • blank

    Hats off to Mr. Muller. After trying to push him through the "cold kitchen" to the siding, this man still takes on responsibility. In retrospect, Mr Lofalk's approach can only be described as amateurish.

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    If the Chinese work so hard financially, then they should also make their cut in future business, that's just fair. No companies of the Europeans except the Mullers company and certainly no Americans were able or even tried to contribute to a solution, one should not forget that.

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    "I love it when a plan works ...!"
    SAAB and the SAAB community undoubtedly owe much to Victor Muller. SAAB exists today only because VM has plunged into the adventure SAAB with the right amount of euphoric naivety. That his euphoria was not sufficiently solid foundation, he was aware only late.

    But if a bumblebee can fly, SAAB can do it too.

    If he succeeds in implementing his plan Z (right, then nothing more can come of it), I am also willing to interpret his sometimes hair-raising mistakes and misjudgments as a learning process.

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    "... it needs strategies" and then above all actions.

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    Very important to me is also the factor trust. And that is more than just in the basement. Not to deal with the big player GMC with numerous car brands and about 200.000 employees, I think a wise decision. Everything has to be clear by the end of the year. Visions are okay, but now it needs strategies.

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    I think the last two years have been a good school for V. Muller when it comes to corporate governance. Since taking over SAAB, he has had to go through as much as a manager might in 20 years. If he was still a greenhorn at the beginning, he must have matured through the problems and "had to" get to know the SAAB company with all its departments and interrelationships in a crash course. I hope this will help him master the future challenges. Although I would have hoped that one of his numerous plans would have worked.

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