Saab crisis: Lofalk strikes back ...

Depending on the point of view, the messages in Sweden are interpreted differently. What the hell, the world is small and round, the messages are outside. Muller had his stage, Lofalk now has his performance. Guy Lofalk has justified himself for the demolition of the reconstruction. Saab, the administrator of the court, has entered new liabilities, which were not to pay from the existing funds.

The debts were incurred without the knowledge of Lofalk and without his consent. A clear break of the rules, so that Lofalk could make only one decision. My voice from Stockholm has an explanation for that. If this is correct, I assume, the demolition was deliberately brought about. Why, that's another story, which is currently too hot for me though.

Unfortunately, it is still tough politics and the pursuit of one's own interests. One thing tastes especially bitter. Swedish Automobile received 3.3 millions of euros from Saab in the reconstruction phase, according to Lofalk's report to the Vänersborg court.

Well, then at least in Holland, the Christmas bonus is safe. Have a nice Weekend.


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  • Such comments and content are not suitable for this blog and completely out of place !!!!!!

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      Oh pardon ... I didn't know that freedom of expression was banned lately.

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      As with other blogs and forums also here -> With increasing number of members, the level drops 🙂 Is that actually only the case with Saab blogs / forums?

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        So it seems, the mood is very negative today. Which is partly understandable. Let's close the topic. Tomorrow is a new day.

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    GM has achieved what they wanted in 2009: to let SAAB jump over the blade. The dirty work for it was done by someone else. Could have gone well too. Would have …

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    Theater or no theater ... I would be much more interested in whether this will be a final catastrophe or just another turning point ...

    In the meantime, the whole story only seems Spanish to me: The chaos in total perfection and perversion ...

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    Is anyone still talking about cars?
    Exactly that is the problem, it is no longer in Sweden for a long time to save SAAB. It is only operated personal damage control. The fight is lost, the actors throw dirt. Everyone involved made sure there was enough to throw.

    Who helps such a mud fight?
    Why does VM Lofalk try to blame it?
    Had not GM qualified sufficiently for the black Peter?

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